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Movie Reviews: Angel Of Mine + The Body Snatcher + Starred Up

Angel Of Mine (2019)

A jerk serves his wife divorce/full custody papers in front of their brat son. He has general dissatisfaction with her due to her mourning their dead baby. There is irresponsible behaviour, real accents, a decidely unpleasant son and this looks bleak.

The mother (Noomi Rapace) starts stalking a woman (Yvonne Strahovski of 'Chuck' and 'The Handmaid's Tale') and her daughter. She is sure the daughter is her not dead baby. Her ex (Luke Evans) is a huge jerk. This makes you recoil. Mourning is an unforgiveable egregious error for her. She's seen as a blight. Richard Roxburgh co-stars.

The mother is reckless and in despair, despite looking botoxed. The son is a brat. Her grief is casually dismissed. There is an air of inevitability. This was not hugely important. She's in emotional decline. This was a failed entity.

The mother is sure her baby daughter didn't die 7 years ago in a fire. A fire at a hospital would have lead to a huge payout I'm sure. She has uncaring co-workers and parents who want to lock her up. People are visibly angry at her for grieving. The mother is tearful and her ex is deeply contentious and hateful and acrimonious. Her parents are divisive and bitter.

There is a fight and it ends and yep, she was right all along! This is like a bad ep of 'Neighbours'. There are no apologies to her for the angry responses. Rancour and division is ignored, the ex is easily forgiven for his crap. This was a disaster. The other father stays with his crazy baby stealing wife?!?! This was a catastrophe.

Best Line:

“Offically in restraining order territory.”

The Body Snatcher (1945)


Starred Up (2013)

A dull prison movie.

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