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October Faction (2020) 1x01 + Good Omens 1x02 + Deadwater Fell 1x02 Reviewed


This was another urban fantasy. A married pair of monster hunters are sad when grandpa dies and they have 2 snotty teenage children. The mother wears a bad wig and the family return to the family mcmansion. This was not a living creative form. This has no contentment, there are unfriendly locals, flashbacks and this is palpably dumb.

This causes no enthusiasm. The teens have an obsessive preoccupation with being annoying. This demonstrates no relevance or value. The mcmansion has scratches on the walls, more bad wigs are seen and people talk about octobers. What are octobers? Dad had a brother who died. Sunglasses are worn at a funeral. The grandmother shows up and she wants the house.

There is a monster detecting smartphone and talk of a seance and a monster. Stephen McHattie plays the dead grandpa in flashbacks. This was based on a comic I have no interest in reading.

Best Lines:

Make more of an effort this time.”

“What a total and horrific shock this must have been.”

“Can we stop pretending this is a big tragedy?”

“Married to a shut in.”

“Is sad, even if he won't show it.”

“Fancy ass bitch.”

The Book

He's not the messiah! He's a very naughty boy! The 4 Horsemen gather. This was boring medicore crap. Jon Hamm smugs. The characters assemble. Will Adam turn the world into a gigantic graveyard? The angel and demon get free of the consequences of their actions. There is no complexity. Adam's phone number ends in 666. There is no crack in reality with the impossible creeping through.

Best Lines:

“Something smells evil.”

“That'll be the Jeffrey Archer books.”

“It can't be that simple.”

Deadwater Fell 1x02

Kate is blamed for the fire and she has a funeral that is shunned. Meanwhile everyone turns out for the daughters funeral. There is a love declartion and an affair is admitted. A guy wanders around in his pants for no apparent reason. Did Tom do it? This was dull. Did Tom have the opportunity to do harm?

Best Line:

“Cutting her out like a cancer.”

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