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Movie Reviews: Enigma + Deadcon + A Fall From Grace + What A Carve Up! 🦄☣🧊🌨😍😍😍😍😍

Enigma (1983)

Martin Sheen and Sam Neill star in this boring tale of Russians and spies. I'm not sure what this is about. There was a twist.

Best Line:

“What a friendly place this is.”

Deadcon (2019)

The internet is an intractable fact of life, but not in 1984. People type and talk at each other in this pointless 'horror'. Bad things happen at a digital media con. Peoples future intentions don't count in this woeful mess. This does not service. This was unwatchable and cheap looking.

Best Line:

“Kick out a Snapchat star or something.”

A Fall From Grace (2020)

This camp failure is from Tyler Perry. It's like a bad 'In Living Color' skit. A public defender laywer defends a woman accused of killing her husband. The client is creepy and this was a complete failure. The client talks in flashback of her useless husband. Adrian Pasdar, Phylicia Rashad, Mehcad Brooks and Cicely Tyson star.

Best Lines:

“We don't need it mishandled or going to trial.”

“Make it fair.”

“The drug dealers we represent make more money than us! And they have no respect for us!

What A Carve Up! (1962)

Various low rent Brit comedy actors gather at an old dark house for a will reading. The actors shout all their lines. This was daft.

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