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Batman/Superman Issue 5 Reviewed

WTF is 'Year Of The Villain The Infected'? I missed issue 4. Donna Troy and Supergirl and Shazam are now evil because, reasons. The Batman Who Laughs wants to bring the dark multiverse to our world in this unlovely issue.

Where does this tie in to Bane rampaging, Alfred dying and the Ric crap? Why is the evil Gordon wearing a stupid mask? The corpses of the Batman Who Laugh's JLA coworkers are on display as are the Superman, Lois and Jon of that world. There is no moral allegiance. This was not deeply satisfying. Superman gets angry and the cost this fight extracted.

This defies more logic than is usually the case. Batman is a maniacal irredeemable narcisst whom it is impossible to warm to. This was inconsequential.

Best Lines:

“Batman's always been better at the judgmental speeches!”

“Oh, shut up. I'm not one of your Robins!”

“To use people to win.”

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