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Book Reviews: Nightblood + Batwoman Vol 2 + Batwoman Vol 3 🧛‍♂️🦇🧛‍♂️🦇🧛‍♂️🦇🧛‍♂️🦇🧛‍♂️🦇👄👄💋

Nightblood by T. Chris Martindale

This disappointing and dated 1990 pulp horror has been reprinted. It is a total 'Salem's Lot' ripoff with more uzis. It is full of dated attidues and dated pop culture references and 'Scream' style meta. The first 1/2 of this is fun pulp horror but the second 1/2 is wretched and causes incredulity. This was a letdown.

Best Lines:

“Devoid of civility.”

“Had heard the rumors and did nothing to refute them.”

“An obvious loon.”

“I haven't seen anyone.”

“Then it wouldn't be an ambush, would it, stupid.”

“Why are you carrying a machine gun?”

“Acculturate himself.”

“Put your mom in the van.”

Batwoman Vol. 2


Batwoman was driving a sports car around Tehran? Kate's lost in the Sahara. WTF are colony soldiers? Scarecrow lurks. Kate trips balls. What did Kate's dad do? Everyone seems to know Kate is Batwoman. We get a glimpse of the Robins. This was comically unhinged and amiably silly. There is a reveal and this was good. People are irredeemably pessimistic and good intentions pave the road to hell. Kate isn't exactly remediating injustice.

Best Lines:

“What you became. What you chose to become.”

“Don't you have anything better to do than loom over sleeping women?!”

“I'm not about to take armchair psych advice from someone whose Dad issues aren't even about his own Dad.”

“I am my worst night Scarecrow.”

“You and Scarecrow were just having a drug-induced fistfight on the floor of a subterranean laboratory right?”

“Batman and Robin kicked your ass ages ago.”

Batwoman Vol. 3

Fall Of The House Of Kane

Kate is maligned, there is repentance, terrible divisons and moral certainties. Beth is in peril. There is another reveal. Kate and Beth are identical twins? There is a killer virus and Batman shows up. What about the flashforward to a bad future when Tim Drake is an evil fascist? What cult are they on about? Batman expresses his disagreement. This was okay. Kate is resolute and defiant. One has a tough time beliving in the altruism of Batman's motives. He's in moribund stasis.

Best Lines:

“This is the only chance I'll ever give you.”

“Villain monologue.”

“Lost years of her life to a memory from the past--”

“What an incredibly irresponsible and convenient turn of events.”

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