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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Dolittle' tv spot


'Evil' 1x13 promo


Salt & vinegar hula hoops – ugh.

Peach sparkling water – weird.

Jalapeno chilli dip – okay.

Mediterranean herbs potato chips – okay.

Bio organic 57& dark chocolate cherries & almonds – yum.

Dark chocolate with crystallized orange peel – nice.

I won't read 'Six Wicked Reasons'.

I'd try cranberry sorbet.

WTF is hay ice cream or chocolate bark?

I want long boots.

'New Amsterdamn' renewed – shame I don't care.

I missed 'Rise Of Kylo Ren issue 2' and 'Red Mother Issue 2'.

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Line out.”

“Alcohol vending machines.”

“Combined will and determination.”

'Killer Inside' Quotes:

“When it comes to him I have none.”

“Brain health first.”

'A Lie To Die For' Quotes:

“Importing rubber gloves.”

“Pawning his wife's jewellery before she's even in the ground.”

“They thought he was a good guy.”

'Addicted To Painkillers?' Quotes:

“Pain ladder.”

“All the best of intentions.”

“Hopelessly misguided.”


“Resistant to change.”

“Grim fact is.”

“Made your day better.”

'Murder Made Me Famous' Quotes:

“All she wants to do is please me.”

“All these creepy things.”

“Pretty kinky sex, anytime he wanted it.”

“Psycho girl.”

“Shameful whore.”

“Choices and actions.”

“Possibly love him not.”

“Marriage material.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Yearning for connection, overly possessive.”

“Painting an image of how a family was constructed.”

“A huge sense of loss and pain.”

“Pantheon of villainy.”

“An unwillingness to accept opportunities when offered.”

“Consistent trauma.”

“To get acceptance from people.”

“Something that was once accepted as normal becomes an affront to respectable folk.”

“Induced demand.”

“What sort may come afterwards.”

“Message is one of unswerving loyalty.”

“Signs of concern.”

“Fighting and acting with wilful disregard for self-reservation.”

“Increasingly concerning.”

“Socially withdraw.”

“He hasn't come to kill you, Ross. He's come to dig up the time capsule we buried in the garden just before the millennium.”

“Singers who were already out of fate 50 years ago.”

“Some kinds of culture are deliberately divisive, anarchic,”

“Not held in such high regard by everyone.”

“Depredations he inflicted on vulnerable young men.”

“Wanted to throw things at him as I watched?”

“Groomed needy young men.”

“Moral arc of history.”

“Benighted hordes.”

“Limits to human sagacity.”

“Rendered entire professions redundant.”

“How would people know I was better than this?”

“Catastrophic rants fuelled on cannabis and whiskey.”

“Social and intellectual capture.”

“Such appalling behaviour will be long remembered.”

“Wrong kind of reform.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Matter of regret.”

'The Lego Batman Movie' Quotes:

“Street meat.”

“I hate everything you just said.”

“What would Batman do?...Not listen to anyone else, be mean to people, destroy as much property as possible, talk in a really low gravelly voice and go it alone.”

“An unsupervised adult man karate chopping poor people in a Halloween costume.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Whores of Yore.”

“Keeping a live fish in her underwear.”

“Testicle thefts.”

“Gland larcency.”

“Throughly filthy fellow.”

“Times were once good.”


“Ideological foes.”

“Represented some of the worst people in American history,”

“Ominious omen.”

“Morally weaken.”

“World has changed dramatically in the interim.”

“Not difficult to discern the meance.”

“Constantly menaced.”

“It is the defining act – and fact – of her life.”

“Hopefully, he would think the worst of me.”

“Luckily, he did think the worst of me.”

“Really did set the cultural agenda.”

“Why is it you never tire of hurting us?”

“The inability just to be grateful.”

“Endless forever unfulfilled desire for unconditional support.”

“Self-assumed goodness.”

“Acceptable discourse.”


“A mop come to life.”

“Deem me worthy of attention.”

“Your existence is intentionally replaceable.”

“The most horrid thing I ever saw,”

“Universally honoured.”

“Secure an audience's sympathies without seeming to seek them--”

“Someone locked inside her own armour,”

“Cannot bear to look at him as he abases them both so thoroughly.”

“Barely tolerated guest.”

“Purported purpose.”

“Media myth.”

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