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Cobra (2020) 1x01 + The Trial Of Christine Keeler 1x05 + Doctor Who 38x04 Reviewed ⛅🌤🌥

Cobra (2020) 1x01

This much hyped new Sky1 drama was breathtakingly awful. A geo-magnetic storm is coming: there is a blackout and politics and exposition and a plane crash and whiny women.

Best Lines:

“A lesson in payback you will not forget in a hurry.”

“Solar threat.”

“People don't know what to panic about.”

“Virtue signalling ponce.”

The Trial Of Christine Keeler 1x05

Mandy wears a petal hat. Christine is thick. It is Ward's trial. Valerie throws perfume at her cheating husband who utters not a word of apology. Lucky appeals. Mandy and Chrstine are called call girls. Ward's ill treated. Peter Davison guest stars as Ward's defense. The one armed man shows up. Christine's travails go on, these are the events on which her life turned. Something very bad awaits.

TPTB are completely relentless. This was truly appalling. Christine is infuriating. This was desperately uninspired. Christine is a harbinger of misfortune. Momentous consequnces await. This was underloved. Christine does perjury AGAIN.

There is no moral narrative. Christine is in constant chaos and lives a famously disastrous life. This isn't going to end anywhere good. There is social discomfort and this has no enduring resonance. There was profound abuse and exploitation, which is overlooked. This was not hugely enjoybale. Posh boys are haughty and condescening and unscrupulous. This was a failed effort.

This ep sees Ward die and Mandy utter her famous quip in court. Christine provokes outrage. Mandy has defiant survival. Were Christine and Mandy manipulated and controlled? People are morally dubious. Christine is maligned. Ward destroyed his reputation. Christine faces vilification. There is a preoccupation with sexual gratification. Mandy thrives on the press attention. There are negative associations and denunciations.

Profumo learns he is called “the Italian waiter” behind his back by his coworkers. The judge is insinuating. There is witness intimidation. Christine and her vile mother yell. Ward comes across as a perv. Mandy is witty on the stand. Sympathy vanishes and sex is a thing of such consequence.

Best Lines:

“More than I can stand.”

“How I wish he'd go away.”

“Common little tart.”

“Failure of imagination.”

“As damaging impression as possible.”

“All hope is gone.”

“Filthy fellow.”

“Man's a pervert.”

“Signed as true.”

“Never seen the like.”

“Deprive him of any sympathy from any quarter.”

“Lamentable life.”

“Left, quite tellingly, to face the music alone. Entirely alone.”

“Throughly immoral man!”

“This ghastly trial.”

“Standing in my knickers, with my tits out.”

“Bottom of the bucket.”

“She'll have served her purpose.”

“No honour among slappers.”

“Roaring bonfire of your depravity!”

“Be flogged by streetwalkers.”

“Well he would, wouldn't he?”

Nikola Tesla's Night Of Terror

Goran Visnjic and his comedy tash guest star. Nobody knows what Tesla invented. Thomas Edison shows up. There is mumbling and aliens and BAD US accents. This was boring.

Best Line:

“Something to do with the cars then?”

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