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Killer Inside: The Mind Of Aaron Hernandez (2020) + Good Omens (2019) 1x01 Reviewed

Episode 1

This is a very goood documentary series about an NFL star (who nobody outside the USA could know) who had a 40 million dollar contract and yet was accused of murder, had an SUV chase and would never get back what he had. He was 23 when this all went down. We hear his calls from jail which sound drugged. He liked 'Harry Potter' books yet committed dreadful acts. The NFL come across as extremely dubious.

Lifelong friends talk. His mother failed to take effective action and he ran toward unwelcoming influences. He was an athlete and his father was respected. He was a tight end in the NFL – I have no idea what a tight end is. There were disquieting hints that he was wilfully participating in gang violence from an early age. This is serious analysis.

He had no moral guidance. He didn't go to college at UCONN. The father drank and was violent, he acquirred tattoos. Tom Brady is mentioned as is Tim Tebow – both of these former teammates do not take part in this series. This is a convoluted story of glory and ruin.

There are serious ethical, moral and legal questions raised. Aaron had obvious ethical problems. His mother was useless. This was insightful. He killed his fiancee's sister's boyfriend. There is damning security footage and tales of a secret relationship, PCP and significant anger. There was a weird family, Aaron became immediately notorious after his arrest and the case causes relentless curiosity.

This was good and then more charges are suddenly brought. Did he kill 3 people while being an NFL star?!?

Best Lines:

“Innocent! Innocent!”

“Dramatic attention.”

“Have good character.”

“A blighted area.”

“Being a good leader in the community.”

“Play hurt.”

“Wear that jersey no more.”

“Convicted of stealing bicycles. This was not a hardcore crew that he put together.”

“Protect the other inmates from him.”

“Helmets up.”

“Got my dog high!”

“Put an end to that very quickly.”

“Came out dead.”

“What you're willing to.”

“Turning point of everything in Aaron's life.”

“Foundation of values.”

“See some other dude making bacon in his underwear in your house.”

“Familiar with prison and prison life and what leads you to prison.”

Episode 2

There is no certain terseness. Aaron was never shy with his opinions. Aaron went to the University Of Florida where college football was huge. Tim Tebow was his temmate. He was 17 when he entered university. Players were shot up with the painfiller Toradol. There was destructive and risky behaviour.

What is semi pro football? There is no clear motive for why he committed murder. There is a hint that he was involved in a shooting when he was 17. There is talk of NFL techniques, drugs and he didn't graduate college? He went to the NFL at 20.

There were widening rifts and psychotic thoughts and Aaron made an unpleasant impression. He had injuries yet the NFL gave him instant wealth and influence within his community. He dispensed threats and violence. CTE is mentioned. Aaron's case became a monstrous scandal. There were bad choices and no constructive discussion. At the time people ignored his choices and bad decisions. The NFL is largely meaningless. His mother was greedy, awful and uncaring. He was attiude driven. This was good.

Best Lines:

“Hearing all types of stuff.”

“The score for maturity was the lowest possible.”

“Incredibly sloppy crime.”

“That's no sane person.”

“Whole different court thing.”

“National narrative.”

“Surrounded by faith...clean image.”

“Eye black.”

“Compromise their long term health.”

“Fake f**king gangster.”

“Guilty of something significant.”

“Operate at a different standard.”

“Million dollar decisions.”

“Rubbing elbows with that group of people.”

“Knew he was in the room.”

“Legends of the game.”

“In our awareness.”

“What is your defintion of being happy.”

“Leave that stuff alone.”

“We are a collection of our choices.”

“Concerns about his character.”

Episode 3

Aaron had a daughter and was unyielding monstrosity. Moral chocies are inconsequential. He got an apartment where he smoked drugs and escaped responsibility. This powers through Aaron's descent, only to arrive at tragedy. Aaron was not socially engaged and into contempt baiting. This was serious of purpose. Aaron spoke in a deadened tone and had a psyche shattering gnawing void anxiety spiral inside him.

Things are baffling and unknowable. He was fractured and deeply unstable. He was found guilty of murdering a friend. His cousin whom he was close to is dying. Aaron is put on trial for 2 other murders. His friends and family and hangers on vanish into smoke. His fiancee sticks by his side. Aaron is defended by the man who defended Casey Anthony.

There is talk of past abuse and who Aaron chose to sleep with. People are insolent and disrespectful. Aaron was acquitted at his second murder trial. He was then outed and killed himself in jail. There is discontent and people seem unnecessarily rude and hectoring. Was he a career psychoapth or an abuse victim with CTE?

There is talk of an arcane law. This was morally complicated and Aaron chose the wrong course with real consequences.

Best Lines:

“Reason to fear getting caught.”

“The beginning of the end for Aaron.”

“In fear of certain elements.”

“Made his dreams come true.”

“Nervous about the people he was associating with.”

“The jury was out for a week.”

“Extreme atrocity or cruelty.”

“His permanent home.”

“Here for life.”

“Hope was gone.”

“People thought he was going to get convicted again.”

“Convince the jury to care about Aaron.”

“To the shock of a lot of people.”

“Gets no sympathy from me.”

In The Beginning

Michael Sheen, David Tennant, Daniel Mays and Jon Hamm camp it up in this wilful failure. This is a take on the classic book. A demon and an angel mince. There is a narrator to explain the plot. This was woefully inadequate. There is exposition and the antichrist is loose. There is wretched VFX on a hellhound. One watches with terrible disbelief at how TRULY AWFUL this was.

Best Line:

“Our dark lord to be.”

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