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Book Review: The Reddening

The Reddening by Adam L.G. Nevill

This is one of Nevill's diappointing novels like 'Banquet For The Damned', 'The Ritual', 'House Of Small Shadows' and 'No One Gets Out Alive'. It is over written and needed an editor badly. This is a tale of horrors predating civilisation, ancient rites, old deties and savage ways. It should have been interesting but bad writing makes it boring.

2 idiot women stumble across folk horror, nameless gods and untrustworthy locals who don't want outsiders around. This is not distressing or disturbing, just uninteresting twaddle. This was ill-judged, nutters evade scrutiny and this is not exquisitely tense. This has no psychological depth. This was a boring account of something very terrible lurking.

This wasn't extremely menacing and lacked rampaging tension. This was uninspiring and the author does not always apply common sense. This could have been oddly disturbing – but wasn't.

Best Lines:

“Conflicted looks of anticipation.”

“85% advertorial masquerading as news.”

“Cultivated indifference.”

“With the exception of smoking skunk and experimenting with legal highs inside his grubby one-bedroom nest above a bookie's in Worcester, Lincoln's sole and final obsession, as far as she knew had been the recording of ambient subterranean sounds.”

“Nothing had worked out.”

“Just an old hippy that breeds sheep now.”

“Hated the people who'd invaded her home and life more than she'd hated anyone or anything in her entire existence.”

“Those psychotic and loathsome practices out at that awful farm.”

“Not understand much of the idiotic jabber either and thought it a half-understood version of what the bearded oaf had been told by someone else: knowledge he believed fervently that had enabled him to perform such inhuman acts.”

“You go all or nothing for the door or a window and they'll make sure you never attempt it again.”

“Their body count was unacceptable for the postcode.”

“Misery mask.”

“The opposite of salvation.”

“Timelessly vile.”

“Barbaric rites.”

“Imminent betrayal.”

“Sanctuary has been requested! You don't question it, you grant it!”

“What existed below it,”

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