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Titans 2x13 +Midwinter Of The Spirit 1x02+White House Farm 1x01 +V Wars 1x05 + The Fix 1x02 Reviewed


Cadmus somehow has Conner. The Titans don't care about the psychological impact they inflicted on Dick. Conner's evil now. Did Bruce not care about Dick? If the Titans hadn't walked out on Dick (TWICE!); none of this would have happened. Jericho is alive. Like d'uh.

Donna is the c word. Donna doesn't care about Dick, neither do Kory nor Dawn. Gar had something done to him by Cadmus. Kory's lost her powers. Deathstroke attacks. Nightwing debuts in his sexy suit, FINALLY. Do his friends say thanks or apologise? NO.

Deathstroke babbles. Oh shut up you tool. The fight scene is badly edited. Dick does flipping. The Titans make me irate. Dick waves his sticks. Rose debuts her stripper costume. Rose was the mole, like d'uh. Why don't the Titans get out of the car and help as Dick fights Deathstroke? Does Dick still admire and trust Bruce after all this? Deathstroke is defeated. The Titans wronged Dick and need to make reparation. They have shown little desire to however.

Dawn whispered discord. Dick says the Titans are together again after they ostracised him. Poor Dick, he regards these twats as his 'friends'. I'm waiting for them to apologise. Deathstroke is dead and Cadmus is the big bad. The Titans nearly caused fatal consequences to Dick. They do not care. Mercy sneers. There is awful VFX. The Titans powerwalk in. Where did Donna and Dawn get their costumes? Rachel has her cloak.

Bruce puts on a mask to the outside world. Conner attacks. Donna caused negative events. Hank shows up in costume with no explanation. Bruce watched the brawl and does nothing to help. Does Bruce spy on Dick often? Dick does another dramatic entrance; now where did he learn that? Hank mocks Dick's suit. Oh shut up Hank, you look like a bad male stripper in yours.

Dick looks good in his Nightwing suit. Dick missed being with the Titans? WHY? They are a pack of bullies. Dick does flips and quips. Is he on prozac? Dick punches things and saves Conner. Dick has a new hairdo. Why are Cadmus using guns on Conner? Where is Jason? Oh there he is. Jason pisses off on his bike, no doubt to become Red Hood. Nobody misses him or mentions him. Ha ha ha ha.

Donna dies in stupid fashion. Why is Hank carrying Donna? Where is Wonder Woman? Donna's character was ruined by making her into an uncaring bitch. Rachel goes to Amazon island. We see Amazons. Rachel caused Dick's hallcinations of Bruce? Dawn and Hank's regard is completely taken up with themselves. Before she died, Donna was the same. Donna was made unpleasant and she was not nice to be around. She caused negative occurances. She won't be missed.

The Titans have no remorse. The egotistical Bruce shows up. Bruce and Dick bond. Bruce never hugs him or says anything affectionate to him. There is no profound truth. Bruce must have given up on Jason. The Titans are disheartening. Dick reached out to them. Dick blames himself. ENOUGH TPTB ENOUGH!

Doesn't Dick have a job?!? Dick was isolated and pressurised. Hank and Dawn have boring issues. Everyone knows Bruce Wayne is Batman. I'm still waiting for the apologies to Dick. This was not immaculately crafted or moving. Is Dick a fugitive? Dick thanks the Titans for taking him back. WTF?!?! Seriously WTF?!?! Titans Tower is HIS. They were squatting in his playhouse! Seriously WTF? Rose is Titan now?!? Rose's costume is dumb.

The name Nightwing is never used. Season 3 is set up. Dick smiles and the Titans powerwalk to fight crime. Bruce sits on his ass. Maybe he's planning to go out and score another teenage boy to bring home and mentally warp. Krypto is a Titan! This was okay. Where is Eve?!? Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne is bizarre.

Best Lines:

“You're dressed like a giant bird.”

“A very angry Superboy.”

“Sometimes the cost of defending the innocent exceeds what we can ever think to pay.”

“Far cry from Robin.”

“That is is.”

“Parents who liked to dress up at night and fight crime.”

“Wasn't much interested in family then...recovering from the damage done by our families.”

“Collective sense of duty and devotion to another.”

Midwinter Of The Spirit 1x02

This was more than dumb. This was dreary and not even entertainingly awful.

Best Line:

“Just popping out to deal with a tribe of local satanists.”

White House Farm (2020) 1x01

This ITV drama is based on Jeremy Bamber's infamous crime. Uncaring cops come to the title farm and the find the Bamber family gunned down. All save Jeremy. This was dull.

Cold Cold Ground

There is no fear and uncertainty. I am trying to spot the alleged reshoots. There are awful consequences and this fails to cohere. There are dark machinations and violence and dark forces and escalating confrontations. Swan is thick and is mocked. Vampire slayers slay. This was defective and Swan's annoying son whines. How has the vampire plague spread so fast?

Michael spews his stupid agenda. The bloggers are morons. Vagrants are disposable. Vampires have a propensity for extreme violence. Michael's okay with murdering people. The NH47 gene affects if you turn or not. There's a test. Swan covers this up as he's stupid.

Swan's an idiot. The vampires claim they are being slaughtered, they are the ones doing the slaughtering! Michael rants about a war and a blood nation. Swan lies and his son may be turning. Oh ffs.

Best Lines:

“Never trust them. Never.”

“Humans reigned alone on this planet for 42,000 years.”

“Counter vampire measures.”

“What it is you do around here.”

“Spreading a diease that causes psychotic behaviour.”

“Just take my thanks.”

“Vampire bitch!”


Sevvy berates Maya. A dollhouse hides a secret and the stepson digs a hole. The orange bimbo sneers. Wolf sneers and fingers Ben as a murderer. The DA accuses Matthew of wanting his job. Wolf harasses Sevvy's daughter. Maya's bff has an ex and a daughter Maya knows nothing about. The daughter is tediously conflicted. Ben is not so nice. Maya has a bathroom cry. Why is the orange bimbo talking to Wolf? Sevvy lies. Matthew invited Maya back for her to take the fall if Sevvy gets away with murder a 2nd time. Oh jackass! Things get dark. Maya puts Wolf on blast. Sevvy has a side ho! This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Walked up 10 flights in heels.”

“Kinda had that serial killer vibe.”

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