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Fringe Season 2 Ep 3 Review


Astrid finds a bizarre case by searching for "atypical FBI case reports". Peter, Olivia and Walter investigate a train station devastated by a bomb and trace it to a man with surprising motives. A familiar face returns, Peter shares some of his shady past with Olivia, Walter bonds with Peter and Olivia's Obi-Wan annoys. This was a good, tense ep. Walter mentions a childhood memory that Peter finally shares. Peter reveals he is on a couple of watch lists. Just why did he do? Why did TPTB kill Charlie off? How is Peter able to hold his own in a brawl with a military officer? How much more bonding time do Peter and Walter have left? When will Peter find out that Walter tore him away from everything he knew? Where is Alter-Walter? After all, take away a man's son and he has nothing left to lose. Who wants photos of Walter? Which Walter is in the photos?

Best Lines:
"So apart from the obvious, anything out of the ordinary?"

"They've been planning for war."

"Your father has a wonderful voice."
"Not when he's doing jumping jacks and did I mention he was naked?"

"Putting together a jigsaw of a nude centrefold was Walter's idea of how to explain, what was it, human reproduction."

"Four words that should never show up in a sentence. Classified experimental military project."
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