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Titans2x02-2x08+Deadwater Fell 1x01+GoldDigger1x06+Magicians 4x10-4x13+Trial Of Christine Keeler1x04


3 months have passed since 2x01. Jason Todd fails miserably. This was not heartwarming or uplifting. Does goodness still exist in the world? DC is unrelentingly bleak. Bruce doesn't want Jason Todd in Gotham, is it because he took the batmobile for joyrides and looked up porn on the batcomputer? Jason is tumultuous. Dick doesn't want sidekicks and is still not Nightwing. There are injustices taking place in the world.

This was not profound or thought provoking. This causes a lack of enthusiasm. Hawk and Dove bore. Donna and Kory hang out. Is Donna half human? Is she an Amazon at all? TPTB treat the Titans as broken unworthy failures. Being ruled by the belief that something is wrong with you is not power. People talk mean about Dick. Why do TPTB hate their main character?

People are negatively biased. There is mumbling and Dove beats up drug dealers. Hawk whines. The whole Dick/Dove issue is forgotten. Some kid blows up. Dr Light is a baddie. There is a disastrous encounter. Some whiny girl whines. She's the rightful cause of public discourse.

A woman with a stripper name lurks. Dick rings Bruce. This show is emotionally hollow and Jason has flagrant disregard. Bruce says he was the target and focus of Dick's rage. Bruce says he would do everything exactly the same. There are combustible threats to the safety of Rose Wilson, aka Deathstroke's kid.

This ep causes inattention. Donna and Kory bore. There are wrong social circumstances and has Bruce bought Dick a new porsche yet? There is a difference between overweening artistic aspirations and the ability to deliver them.

Best Lines:

“Must be able to keep fighting and win.”

“No sidekicks in the Titans.”

“I'm not Robin anymore, you are.”

“That luck stopped.”

“Paroled himself.”

“This is bad.”

“Boy are you deluded.”

“You and me kind of special.”

“You didn't want to stay either, not at first.”


What is HIVE? Hawk, Dove and Donna show up. There are flashbacks and Hawk is such a jackass. Dove and Donna whine because Deathstroke shut the Titans down before. Hawk's dependably dreadful. Kory's plot bores. Rachel attacks Jason, TPTB wouldn't allow anything so sentimental as character development. Jason Todd is entirely uncooperative and ungrateful. Jason Todd caused calamitous unintended consequences with his actions in 2x01. He causes deep animosity.

This Slade isn't as good as the Slade on 'Arrow'. This was not infinitely poignant or incredibly gripping. Donna bitches. There are secrets and lies and no thought or consideration. There is an ill-conceived costume and no moral complexity. Will Hawk shut up? Dick smacks Jason Todd one. There is no brilliance just consequent violence, abrupt changes in personality and bizarre violent behaviour and dramatically deranged types.

Dick never felt at home in stately Wayne Manor? There are disputes and Jason Todd is a tool. This was not harrowing and does not generate sustained interest. Jason Todd gets beat up by Deathstroke, let Deathstroke keep him!

Best Lines:

“Old Titans business.”


“Man friends?”

“Let them come.”

“Feels like home, only place that ever did.”

“You're Batman's guy.”


“Big kids weren't available? They sent junior Robin?”

“I do what I want when I want.”

“Telling people who my father is usually doesn't end well. Daddy's not well liked.”


This is a whole episode flashback to 5 years ago: Deathstroke killed people. Why didn't the Justice League do anything about his despicable acts? There was no principle, order or morality or decency. The boundaries of acceptable behaviour were pushed. Deathstroke is played by Esai Morales of 'Jericho' and 'Caprica' and to be blunt, he underwhelms.

There was no patience, restraint or willingness to avoid quick, violent fixes. We slowly find out what caused the Titans and Slade to have reciprocal hostility. In season 1, cops thought Robin leaving Gotham was weird. But he was in San Fransisco with the Titans 5 years ago? TPTB love retcons. Dick looks hot in the Robin costume. Dick hit a guy with a stick. Donna and Aqualad (played by some Chris Hemsworth lookalike) did stuff.

Aqualad aka Garth is doomed. There was no in-built tension. Dr Light is a fat loser. Dove and Dick were a couple 5 years ago? Donna had underlying unease and was distainful and dismissive. Some woman named Jillian is probably an Amazon. She advises Donna. Bruce comes across as a creepy abuser in Dick's remberances of his upbringing – none of Dick's 'friends' seem to care.

Aqualad was 90? How old was Donna? How does Dick's mask stay on? Donna's outfit made her look like a stripper. Where does Dick keep his stick when he's not fighting crime? Donna shagged Aqualad and was prepared to leave. Where was the Invisible Jet? Tensions are exacerbated.

Deathstroke shot Garth dead. Aquaman seems immune to bullets – so why wasn't Aqualad? Why didn't Aquaman show up to avenge Aqualad?!? Where was Bruce after Garth died? Dove encouraged Dick to be stupid. This ep was okay in a fairly unexceptional (so far) season.

Best Lines:

“Indie rock group of vigilante friends.”

“If it wasn't about power, domination or suppressing my emotions – Bruce didn't have me read it.”

“Vengeance is a dangeorus path.”

“Be Batman.”


This was a clossal vacuous failure. TPTB hired Esai Morales and then told him not to act. Slade has Jason, there is no dread or foreboding. Jason is increasingly erratic. Who'd miss him? There is product placement. What's up with Rachel?

There are profound consequences. Dick and co finally decide to use Jason's damn trackers to locate him. But the tracker is blocked. Gar has comic incompetence. Jason's abduction doesn't create any great sense of loss. Kory bores. How do they have satellites if there have been no Titans for 5 years? Hawk whines and Deathstroke whines. There is exposition and Bruce is a glaring absentee.

Dick spent the most meaningful years of his life with a crazy man. Yet none of his 'friends' ask why billionaire Bruce Wayne keeps taking in teenage boys subjecting them to training from hell and making them into unstable super violent weapons.

There is no dramatic tension. Deathstroke cuts out Jason's tracker. Dr Light exits. I don't share in Hawk's angst. Rose sits on her ass, she is so obviously a plant. This was inauspicious. Gar's an idiot. This was not emotionally wrought. Jason is smacked around by Deathstroke – he should be used to that.

This was a clossal failure. Nobody is compliant. There is a mosaic of interests and agendas and malign motivation. This doesn't evoke atmosphere. How did Dick and Dove break up and how did she go back to Hawk? Hawk roid rages. Bruce Wayne built Titan Tower. Gar is stupid some more. Nobody cares about the psycho-emotional impact of any of this.

Rose is thankless. Dick has an injured psyche. Rachel has powers and WTF is Rose? Did Bruce ever care about Dick's physical or emotional well being? There is torment and anguish. Slade knows who the Titans really are. How? There is pent up fury and Dove whines. This was inane. WTF hardened TPTB's opinion agaisnt Dick?

There is no redemptive moral message. There is perpetual violence and this was superficial. Dick's dumb. TPTB make us wait and wait and wait for Nightwing. Bruce is an utter failure as a father. I'm sure Tim Drake will show up in season 3 and he'll be messed up too. Jason is dropped off a building. This was less than pointless. Dick is given nothing decent to work with.

Best Lines:

“Ridiclious costume.”

“Boy f**king Wonder strikes again.”

“That version of The Tower didn't end so well.”

“Decide to be good?”

“Some freak in a ski mask whose name sounds like a bad case of VD.”

“Robin 2.0 is missing.”

“Was he really scared?”

“Who the f**k you calling a sidekick a**hole?!?”

“It's all coming back on us.”

“Those weak enought to follow you.”

“Praying for somebody, hell anybody, to come and save you...nobody ever comes.”


Conner and Krypto escape Cadmus. Conner's named. I don't care about their disconnection and displacement. Conner was previously known as Subject 13. He is a cross species clone created from Lex and Superman's DNA. Conner and Krypto wander. Mercy shows up. Lex is mentioned but never seen. TPTB do not respectfully regard Dick and I'M SICK OF IT.

There are deadly consequences to Lex's plots. Eve is a useless drunk doctor at Cadmus. Conner has psychotic behaviour and Clark and Lex's memories. The Luthors and Kents were friends and neighbours?!?! Lex's nice old dad Lionel meets Conner. Sometimes Lionel ain't so nice.

Krypto has powers. Conner generates fear. This was ambitiously adrift. How did Lex get Superman's DNA? I read realms of 'Smallville' clex fic so I've some idea but come on TPTB give us details! The off screen Lex has calculated malice. Who is Eve? She is stricken by what she did for Cadmus. The unthinkable consequences of Lex's horrific decisions are seen. Conner has violent responses and wars with fate. What'll happen to Eve? Conner sees Jason fall and saves him. Krypto is in peril.

Best Lines:

“Never cared for anyone's approval.”

“One moral decent human being still involved.”

“Throw him through a wall?”


“I'm not super sure yet.”

“Where the devil's work got done.”

Bruce Wayne

Dick hallcinates Bruce Wayne verbally abusing him and harassing him. Who shot Conner? Bruce still hasn't given Dick a new costume. Why is Bruce such an uncaring ass?!? Nobody ever asks Dick is he's okay. Jason sulks. It is all Jason's fault what happened to him. How much incessant abuse did Bruce inflict on Dick?

Eve's fired from Cadmus. Rose the manic pixie dreamgirl lurks. She is obviously a mole. Krypto flies! Conner's revealed. Where is Bruce? Slade has photos from inside the Tower – nobody looks at Rose. Nobody listens to Dick. Why does Bruce have a thing for implanting trackers in his sidekicks?

Best Lines:

“Sounds made up!”

“Because it is!”

“No good end to that story.”

“Boy Wonder.”

“You'll be alone. Again.”

“All you do it give people reasons to hate you!”


This is a whole episode flashback to 5 years ago. I will be skipping eps 2x09 to 2x12 because I have no interest in watching the jerk Titans scapegoat Dick for their screwups. The Titans befriended Jericho to get to his dad, Deathstroke. This is not damning reality.

Dawn aka Dove is a toxic friend influence. Deathstroke shot Garth trying to get to someone else. We see the breakup of the original Titans. Dick's welfare and pain was discounted by Bruce and his useless 'friends'. There are flashbacks within flashbacks: we see Slade become Deathstroke.

Slade is boring. There is no sense of fate. The Titans aren't saviour like characters. Jericho got his throat slashed by enemies of his dad. Hawk aka Hank and Dawn were junkies at one point? Once again, not mentioned in season 1. Dawn's a twit. I hate her. Donna is mean spirited. Piss off Donna, your name is Wondergirl FFS! Dawn is insanely fawning and conniving.

The Titans don't reflect on their fundamental purpose or their own participation. Jillian was Deathstroke's target. Jericho has powers. There are negative effects and widespread and significant implications. Jericho isn't dead – he is in Deathstroke. Why do none of the Titans ponder this? They had 5 years to think about it!

There is no profound uncertainty or historic consequences. Deathstroke has a fearsome reputation, for what? His costume looks silly. Dawn has a flippant attiude. The Titans did not exactly cover themselves in glory. How does Dawn known sign language? Deathstroke's stupid wife sets the tragedy in motion. This causes no enduring fascination. Jericho is intemperate. Deathstroke absorbs so much attention. Dawn has no moral authority.

Jillian was killed by Deathstroke. Also Donna was stabbed by Deathstroke a lot. These adverse and tragic events go on. Was Titans Tower Bruce's idea of a playhouse for Dick? There are no benevolent interactions. Dick looks good in his Robin costume. Deathstroke babbles and nearly kills Dick and stabs Jericho. The Titans broke up and blamed Dick for this. The Titans were jackasses to Dick afterwards. Dawn walked out on him. Bitch. She and Hank are jerks. Where was Bruce after Deathstroke nearly killed Dick?

Best Lines:

“Weren't you expelled?”

“Some say.”

“I brought tragedy.”

“Bring the issue to a conclusion.”

“We don't get to chose our fathers.”

“To f**ked up families, the only one we've ever known.”

“Feeding you lies.”

“What he needed to believe about you.”

“Who names themself after losers?”

“You wear the pretty costume.”

“You had to come back and hurt us more.”

Deadwater Fell (2020) 1x01

This Channel 4 drama stars David Tennant who shows off his ACTINGS. He's the local GP with a depressed wife and 3 daughters. Their house turns into a firey hellpit one night. The neighbours come to help and there is a ladder and a paddling pool nearby. The parents were dressed. The wife and the three daughters die. Why did the family have injection marks in their arms and pine needles on their feet? Why did the mother shoplift a padlock before her death? The mother's coworker and BFF injects herself with fertility drugs. The dead mother, Kate, smoked. Her husband Tom seems like a dick. Kate had already crashed her car in a snit – so police interest falls on her. How was the daughters bedroom door padlocked? It is revealed that Tom was shagging his wife's BFF. This was mediocre.

Best Line:

“Padlocked from the outside.”

Gold Digger 1x06

The ex is awful and an abuser and hits her again. Julia runs, Ben chases her and the ex makes a scene after the wedding. There is 80s music and dullness.

All That Hard, Glossy Armor

There is singing and the plot is all over the place. A dark plot from the books is adapted, badly. There is a bad Irish accent and this was boring.

The 4-1-1

WTF was this? Alice whines and someone wants to be a god. This was so very bad.

Best Line:

“B minus student.”

The Secret Sea

The perv returns. The Monster and its sister yap. Quentin yells. This was so very very bad.

Best Line:

“I was supposed to mean something here!”

No Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

There was mumbling. Julia and Penny bore. Quentin dies, saving the day. Season 5 is set up. There is more singing. What was this crap? The discourtsey to Quentin and Jason Ralph is amazing. Eliot never reunited with Quentin.

Best Line:

“The dark king reigns, glory to his rule.”

The Trial Of Christine Keeler 1x04

Chrsistine takes her famous photo. Profumo wants Ward gone. Mandy bigs up Vidal Sasson. The government and police decide to prosecute Ward. He faces hostile scrutiny and his friends vanish into smoke. This was ultra dour. Christine's impulsive and stupid. Christine has a stalker. Every aspect of Christine's existence is thrown into chaos. This was not triumphantly crass. Ward and Christine walk a reputational tightrope and face a dramatic fall. Mandy's locked up. Keeler is now 21. Profumo resigns and there is slut shaming and Ward is arrested. This was medicore.

Best Lines:

“The opposite of secretive.”

“I never did nothing.”

“Those ghastly policemen.”

“Do you understand me?”

“Not really.”

“I refuse to believe it.”

“I'm not saying nothing agaisnt him.”

“Most objectionable quesitons.”

“Have some common decency man!”

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