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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Medical Police' trailer

This looks stupid and it is.

'Crisis On Infinite Earths' promo


Gluten free white choc & cranberry cookies – okay.

Chocolat au lait caramel – mmmm.

Chocolat noir citron gingembre – mmmm.

Who saw 'Breathless' or 'The Color Of Money'?

Who read 'Slights' or 'Thirsty'?

My ex failed to keep his promises and he just does not care. He just does not care about his stark rejection of me.

Saw 'Waking The Dead' ep 'Care' and it was not good.

'Irish Daily Mail' Quotes:

“Calorie killjoys.”

“The slums of the future.”

“Somebody is guilty of something.”

“Fear it would look vengeful.”

“Is there any version of a solution that they will deem acceptable?”

“Growing distance from his own family-”

“Conclusion has been worryingly swift.”

“Everyone in the family knows their place..., except, it seems, them.”

“Never-ending series of overhyped threats.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“The worst we've ever seen.”

'The Daily Telegraph' Quotes:

“Issued one demand too far.”

“The public had turned on them.”

“Doesn't seem to have an space left to rise to.”

“Relationships with useless men.”

“Their previous existence was unrecoverable to them.”

“Replacing them with shouty loud presenters.”

“Bang on about poverty and food banks.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“I still haven't been forgiven by god.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Emoting emptily.”

'The Goes Wrong Show' Quotes:

“Not guilty now, that's later.”

“Important for the plot later.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“That's not meant to be a compliment.”

“Famous people being raised on pedestals, with all the expectations of the public projected to them,”

“The adoration that came with his remarkable achievements.”

“The mind-boggling fame that exceptional talent brings,”

“You will be who we want you to be.”

“Difference intersecting with the familiar is a corrupting force.”

“Disturbingly consistent.”

“Push other people away.”

“Ruled by shame and rejection.”

“Obsessed by people's perception of you.”

“You're revealing you are a failure by not already having them.”

“Working against yourself.”

“Trying to control the narrative around yourself.”

“Perform for people who never asked you to.”

“Consistently terrible stories of unimaginable fear.”

“Social backgrounds.”

“Desperate solutions.”


“Had anticipated the trajectory of their lives.”

“Not known for his moderation.”

“An implied threat.”

“A taste for compromise is too often regarded as a sign of weakness-”

“They had been warned but they still didn't stop.”

“Nostalgia is actually a really big seller.”

“Homes became less welcoming to unannounced visitors.”

“Created daily and weekly rituals around the set and their favourite programmes.”

“Defy with intent.”

“Find engaging with her a waste of their time and resources.”

“Distainful remark.”

“Ruled for an astounding 72 years. More astonising perhaps is the number of times the Sun King bathed during his long reign: twice.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Lettuce fanciers.”

“Not overly involved in our lives,”

“I seem to have no real friends.”

“People seem so settled in their lives, I've faded out of theirs.”

“Suggests there is something in their past they hate themselves for.”

“Writing behaviour.”

“False sense of ordinariness.”

“Patterns of failure.”

“Thwarted by destiny.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“Makes bad decision after bad decision.”

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