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Pandemica Issue 3 Reviewed ☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣

The plagues rage. There is conspiracy and death and violence and exposition. Flashforwards show things get even worse. What is the lighthouse? This was excellent. There are killing tools, no consoling words, unhealthy confrontations and people who feel morally entitled to inflict horror. Peoples bad choices in life and the degree of injury grow people care nothing for the future. There is societal cost and absolutely no mercy and irreparable damage.

There are brutal decisions and a devastating impact and serious escalation. Did the 'good guys' outlive their enemy? A terrible catastrophe is unfolding and I enjoyed this even if it is not especially pleasant. This was insidiously unsettling.

Best Lines:

“Fake science.”

“Who is going to help?”

“It's the bio-warfare equivalent of sorched earth.”

“Go out hard.”

“The only thing keeping the rest of the world alive is that hazmat suit.”

“Under control? Good god, there are death carts in the streets of Philadelphia. Actual f**king death carts.”

“They are public hygiene conveyances. Let's be clear on that. Don't use foolish words cribbed from Twitter.”

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