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Messiah 1x08&1x09 + Midwinter Of The Spirit (2015) 1x01 + Star Trek Voyager 4x18 Reviewed 🦄🐈🩸

Force Majeure

The preacher talks to the POTUS. The POTUS is played by the emotionally abusive fiancee from 'My Best Friend's Wedding'. The preacher tells the POTUS to withdraw all US troops from aborad. A warning is uttered. The POTUS is a Mormon. Fish are seen. The preacher was once in a nut ward? Eva spies and looks for a 40 page term paper the preacher once wrote.

The term paper is missing. Eva has no emotional literacy and can't handle stress or conflict or differences or setbacks or challenges or honest feedback. Eva also has paranoia. This was done sincerely and with conviction. There are very volatile times. Are terrible events coming? Eva is vile with no clarity or accuracy. Is this a life changing moment? This was momentous. Is the preacher an epic and singular figure?

Eva ceded moral ground. The reporter lurks and the preacher has a press confrence. Is he a crackpot? Is the preacher deeply insinuated in? Unwise things are said. Felix whines and there are no epiphany moments. The other fascist leaves because he believes. Eva's bitching has made her enemies. White House officals want the problem to go away. Avi lurks. There are issues of national importance. Is he harmless? Eva's campaign of intimidation bores.

People have unwavering commitment. The preacher is viewed with suspicion. Eva fans the flames of criticism. There is a flood. This is not emotionally cathartic. Rebecca's useless. Things are fractured. There are malign consequnces and this was ineffective. Avi and Eva almost shag. Tensions dramatically escalate. Eva is disproportionate. People are deeply dysfunctional and there are malign consequnces.

Best Lines:

“I question your motives.”

“World is about to begin again.”

“You like to make speeches when everyone's watching.”

“I believe him.”

“I do not pretend to be anyone.”

“I am here to bring about the world to come.”

“Offer you some golden plates he dug up?!?”

“What is my part in all this?”

“I don't want you to call me ever again.”

“Are you married?”

“I don't know anymore.”

“Know the cycle of history. Blood brings blood. On and on for generations.”

God Is Greater

Demot Mulroney guest stars as the POTUS. This does not awe you. Eva takes the preacher's defeat for granted. She sees malignant forces everywhere. There is intergenerational hurt. Eva is sure the preacher is a malign agent of something. Angry times are had and there are no nuanced responses. Eva is facile and dangerous.

There is a flashback. Eva has ignorance of staggering proportions. There are perilous consequnces. Eva sees him as bad company. This causes no rapt engagement. Eva responds in fury and obsesses over a phone number and that term paper. This was staid. There are negative reactions. Eva interceds wrongly and inappropriately and is exasperating. Felix whines and the preacher was locked up in a nut ward for a messiah complex.

Beau Bridges guest stars. Oh the timing of this show. Why does the preacher need to execise? He has a man bun. Felix's wife gets drunk. There are significant concerns and no fabric of trust. This causes a huge amount of frustration. The sick child is home and her dad, Jonah, wants a divorce and sole custody. Beau Bridges wants the preacher at his mega church. Avi and Eva shag. Eva rants. Things go awry and Rebecca's a believer.

Best Lines:

“Messiah man.”

“Serve his cause.”

“Are you going to arrest me?”


“Ironic or just sad.”

“I can forgive you for a lot but not this.”

Midwinter Of The Spirit (2015) 1x01

This ITV parter is based on novels by an author I don't like. A vicar/trainee exorcist named Meerily takes on satanists. This was boring and not emotive. This had no emotional power.

Best Line:

“Powerfully evil!”

The Killing Game part 1

The Hirogen have taken over Voyager and are making the crew play out a holodeck WW2 game. No comment. 7 of 9 sings. Wretched soul Janway looks sour. This falls woefully short as inconsequential moments pile up. No.

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