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Movie Reviews: Elizabeth Is Missing (2019) + The Body Stealers (1969)

Elizabeth Is Missing (2019)

Glenda Jackson stars in this BBC1 drama after 25 years as a Labour MP. She's old, has post its all over her house and is obviously suffering from dementia as she has forgotten cups everywhere. This was based on a novel, tempus fugit.

Maud has a friend named Elizabeth, who has a dodgy son. Maud has flashbacks to her long lost older sister. Maud's family had a dodgy lodger back in the day. This tries for a certain distinction, Maud has a nostalgic touchstone. Maud's resilient and resolute but is losing her ability to cope. Is her memory irretrievably lost? She's into staring morosely and being unloved.

Elizabeth goes missing. There is a damaged garden, footprints and glasses. Maud ignores the newspaper and the hoover and has endless cans of peaches and throws her jigsaw on the floor. Maud also has an angry daughter and a granddaughter. What has Jackson got stuck in her mouth to make her look gormless?

Jackson is an icon of British acting, but based on this drama it is hard to see why. Jackson goes OTT with her ACTINGS. Maud has a phone with massive buttons. Why isn't she in a home? She has a carer. Her granddaughter wears hotpants in all weather. Maud recalls her long lost sister Sukey. She ignores a broken ornament.

Maud has a son who lives abroad but is still her favourite. Jackson does more ACTINGS. What happened to Sukey? Why was her suitcase dumped? Jackson shows off her enormous underpants and sits on the bog. There is cauliflower soup and Jackson's ACTINGS are subpar Dedire Barlow in 'Coronation Street'.

There was a broken record and more Jackson overacting. Why did Maud's family allow the creepy lodger to stay on? Elizabeth's useless son is useless. The daughter sells Maud's house. The daughter is fundamentally hostile to her mother. Maud is desperately committed and increasingly erratic. The daughter has a confrontational approach.

There are no reasoned decisions. Elizabeth's son acts like a crazy man. This was a very negative impact and is over egged. All is not right with the world. There are devastating consequnces and Sukey was married. How did her compact end up in Elizabeth's garden? Why isn't Maud in a home? Why didn't her family explain what happened to Elizabeth sooner? Elizabeth's useless son is useless. Maud doesn't know how to comply.

The plot can't transcend its utter insanity. Elizabeth's son has implacable opposition. Sukey's found. There is ill feeling and desperate gestures and this was completely insignificant. This had no narrative coherence. Mad women aren't listened to. Elizabeth's and Sukey's fates are revealed. People are discommoded.

Why didn't anyone find Sukey before now? There is bitter recrimination. The once acclaimed Jackson should go back to being an MP. Sukey was missing for 70 years. Maud had an unwavering commitment to the truth. This was faintly ridiclious. Elizabeth's son has hysterical self-righteousness. Maud recalls something she saw 70 years ago. There is misery, distress and sadness. This was ghastly and horrible. There were cataclysmic events and jarring finality. This deserves no high prestige honours. There is death and this had a widespread negativ eimapct.

Best Lines:

“Always somewhere better to go.”

“He's always skulking about.”

“Tightfisted bastard.”

“Food goes missing.”

“Nobody listens to me!”

“Shouts mad stuff.”

“Your mad old mother!”

“Interfering old cow!”

“She's mad so no one listens to her.”

“Why are you always here?”

“Fence for wind protection.”

“Follow us everywhere shouting rubbish!”

“How will I get out?”

“You don't need to anymore.”

“You're lying to us!”

“Mad woman's umbrella.”

“I can hear that down the street.”

“Long before Elizabeth lived here.”

“Dancing with the lodger.”

“Buries her where the new houses are going up.”

“I'm not going to bed now. I might just as well be dead.”

“I wouldn't get in a car with you if you were Sterling bloody Moss!”

The Body Stealers (1969)

Sky divers! Aliens! BS! This UK mess was turgid and appalling.

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