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Quotes & a 'Last Resort' Rewatch

Dolfin chocolate noir orange – nice.

Cranberry turkish delight – okay.

Snickers – yum.

Dolfin chocolat noir fleur de sel – yum.

Smoked garlic – smells nicer then it tastes.

Basil aioli – okay.

Dolfin chocolat au lait 38% de cacao – okay.

I'll review 'A Nest Of Nightmares', 'One Of Us Is Next', 'Satanic Panic', 'Wonderland', 'Fall Of The House Of Kane', 'She Was The Quiet One', 'The Reddening', 'The Refrigerator Monologues' and 'Nightblood'.

I don't forgive what my ex has done.

'Legends Of Tomorrow', 'Supergirl', 'The Flash', 'Charmed' and 'Riverdale' renewed.

Who saw 'Through The Keyhole'?

The 'Murphy Brown' reboot was unwatchable unfunny liberal twaddle.

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Mega blaze.”

“Clarity will come.”

“At odds with what he's just done.”

'The Daily Telegraph' Quotes:

“Twelfth Night tree-hurling contest.”

“The last major royal wedding for some years.”

“Havens burn.”

“Stood around doing nothing.”

“Empty apologies without consequnce.”

“Would not be accepted by society.”

“Poor-decision making skills.”

“The undoing.”

“Cultural stigma.”

“They take pride in not succeeding.”

“Isolated loneliness.”

“Spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg.”

“There may be no return.”

“Searching for me with a pistol in his pocket...”

“The business as it used to be.”

“Blame doesn't help anybody at this time.”

“Past indulgence for conduct.”


“Really appears to believe she is uniquely capable of telling the truth.”

“Roundly denounces at every turn,”

“Ranting and raving to me about him ever since he scarpered.”

“There is a reason why this drama has run for nine series and attracts viewing figures high enough to merit a christmas special each year:”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“It is not something people should want.”

“Euphoric recall.”

“Did not speak of the past.”

“Nothing remotely inevitable.”

“Couldn't find any joy in my life;”

“Think I have developed romantic notions from watching too many Hollywood films.”


“Remain very price sensitive.”

“Rendering him incapable of leaving the house.”

“Desperate for people not to know.”

“Firm and vigilant containment.”

“Terminating all communication with him and that it is taking the necessary steps to repossess the property from him.”

'The Normans' Quote:

“Another title by which he would go down in history.”

'Jonestown: Terror In The Jungle' Quote:

“Keep em poor, keep em tired, they'll never leave.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“Victim finding herself as the accused.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Make them regret what they did.”

'Last Resort' Quote:

“Gladly die for what it represents.”

Rewatched 'Last Resort 1x02 'Blue On Blue': The prototype is tested. Warships show up and Kendal and Chaplin stare. There is sub on sub action. Mrs Kendal is under pressure. People rebel and the COB rants. A 747 flies overhead. King is no help. Does anyone care about the nuked Pakistan? Kylie rants. Will the bimbo go away? Special Forces sneak around the island? Kendal was a POW – that storyline never went anywhere due to cancelation.

Why and how was Kendal a POW? A friend of Kendal's is Mrs Kendal's lawyer but is a bad un. The COB yells a secret of Chaplin's that puts an ugly spin on his recent actions. Tani lurks. The media is unsubtle about Chaplin. Where is Mrs Kendal's dog from 1x01? This was very very good.

Best Lines:

“Brothers in arms sent down to kill us.”

“People outside chanting for your death.”

“Strong and unwavering fist of our nation.”

“This is our conflict.”

“Borrowed glory.”

“Single minded focus.”

“Followed you into a hell they'll never be able to climb back out of.”

“Such things are normal.”

“I hope you die alone.”

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