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Supernatural Season 3 Ep 14 Review

Long Distance Caller

People have been receiving phone calls from dead loved ones. Sam learns Ruby lied about being able to save Dean. Yet for some reason he trusted her all through season 4. Sam needs to comb his hair and stop ditching his family. ‘John’ (Jeffrey Dean Morgan of ‘Watchmen’ and ‘The Burning Zone’) calls Dean, who freaks out. Sam and Dean have the same conversation over and over again. Eventually Sam kills the gross teeth sporting monster that has being driving people to suicide for unclear motives. Dean gets a cool stunt where he and some guy fly through a glass door. This was okay, shame the monster had movie villain syndrome though.

Best Lines:
What’s with the quotey fingers?”

“And we’re walking. We are walking. We’re walking. And we’re not touching that. And we’re walking.”
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