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Dracula1x03+Messiah 1x06&1x07+The Trial Of Christine Keeler1x03+Seven Types Of Ambiguity (2017) 1x01

The Dark Compass

There is no sincerity or integrity as it ends. In 1897 Mina got away, never to be seen again. Claes Bang is OTT as the Count. Dracula is in Whitby and it is now 2020. Dracula gets into a caravan and can close curtains and watch tv. It is impossible to disillusion the never illusioned.

Dracula causes harm in the community by formenting unrest with his pathological egotism. This causes marked disinterest. Dracula is not unwilling to be in 2020. Another Van Helsing lurks. Dracula's pattern of misconduct is so well established yet people act like idiots around him. Dracula waves a gun. Sense is knowingly ignored and Dracula turns into bats.

Dracula fiddles with a lightswitch. This causes viewer incredulity with its ludicrous excesses. This was startlingly boring. Dracula does nefarious activities, with infinite cruelty. Dracula sees his true self in the mirror and he is not always responded to in a way which is effective. What became of Harker?

People know what he is and yet aren't prepared enough. His constant aggression bores. This was not momentous and it has no grim horror. Dracula pukes blood and TPTB expect breathless admiration for how clever they are. 'Ultraviolet', 'Avengers Infinity War' and 'Avengers Endgame' are ripped off. We see a portrait of Harker. Dracula has an ungovernable ego. The selfish useless Lucy is seen. Quincy lurks. Lucy is a vapid user who does not endear himself: she peed outside a nightclub.

Whitby Abby houses the Jonathan Haker Foundation. Sunrise and sunset are monitered. Quincy is sad. Why are people's blood types important? Even barnacles shun Dracula. Why is there a toilet in the vampire cage? Mina created the Foundation.

This causes serious malaise. This was not hugely enthralling. Van Helsing is dying. Renfield lurks and he's profoundly unethical. One feels an explosion of loathing for Renfield. There is no menacing manner. The Foundation let Dracula go?!?! This was deleterious. Van Helsing does something stupid. 3 months pass.

One feels cosmic indifference for this. Lucy faces a bad fate. Cremated undead are still aware. Lucy laughs at a graveyard full of the undead. This does not perform effictively. Lucy does not care about anything. Lucy screams in her coffin as she is cremated to the strains of Robbie Williams. Lucy comes back as a thing. The new Van Helsing has visions of her ancestor. Lucy's crazy.

This was maddeningly unwatchable. Why are we meant to care about the callous Lucy? Dracula can use magic mirrors. This does not proceed logically. This was a muddle. Dracula asserts his ownership. How did a carbonised undead Lucy walk across the city unnoticed and find Dracula?!?

Lucy is dismayed, confused, upset and distressed at what has befallen her. She fall into boring despair. This was not emotionally effective. What is the intended impact of this? Lucy ashes and Dracula walks over her. There is a Hammer homage. The new Van Helsing spews some BS about what Dracula is. This makes no sense. This was wearying and it finally ends. This was met with ridicule.

Best Lines:

“Nobler purpose to my life.”

“The children of the night, what music they make.”

“Even you believe.”

“These aren't curses.”

“Discussed so very long ago.”

“Unwelcome everywhere.”

“You will live forever in shame.”

“Took a bit of folding.”

“I like the flying thing.”

“Ever known or eaten.”

“Moving picture box.”

“I've been around since the 15th century, things change. You get used to it.”

“Mercy is disrespect.”

“The richest people of any age.”

“Most of the vampire legends are wrong.”

“I'll sleep when I'm dead.”

“Tactical retreat.”

“Restorative coma.”

“Sentimental is just stalking.”

“How close Count Dracula's ship got to the British mainland.”

“Nobody has rights.”

“Emotionally loaded term.”

“I am trying dark lord.”

“Fears above all things.”

“Democracy is the tyranny of the uninformed.”

“Active personal threat.”

“No view of a church.”

“Knocking on a coffin lid from the inside.”

We Will Not All Sleep

The teen boy has visions in the desert. Bikers and law enforcement and church members lurk. Someone writes False God on the church. Eva thinks she knows who the preacher is. She has a photo and the name of a brother and keeps it secret. The teen, Jibril, is here why? Felix follows the preacher. Why is Rebecca here? Is the preacher the second coming or a delusional conman? Devotees form a convoy to follow him out of Texas. What about the town reconstruction? The sick girl's dad yells. Felix's wife whines.

The preacher doesn't exactly have a sanctified image. Have we ever seen him eat or drink? The police escort the convoy. Is he well intentioned? Eva's totally perturbed. He's into image making. Eva views everyone with suspicion and is sure the followers are being misled and lied to. The border crisis worsens. Eva is unrelentingly critcal. Avi lurks. Eva is bitterly dismissive and carries on her campaign of vilification and is reflexively hostile and has a sour look and her hatred is unrelenting. The convoy heads to DC.

This was charmingly daft. Students swarm. Eva thinks she knows his plans. There is ambiguity and uncertainty. The preacher leads his followers to the Lincoln Memorial and mutters babble and then walks on water. This was mystifyingly lacking.

Best Lines:

“The potential is frightening.”

“Where all this will end.”

“Not making good decisions.”

“To follow him where?”

“Nutjobs fighting nutjobs. It's no coincidence he picked Texas.”

“How true do those words ring for you.”

“Bent on social destruction.”

“He's been here before.”

It Came To Pass As It Was Spoken

People react. The Vatican speak. Riots spread. Donations flow in. Felix's wife doubts. The teen boy is now in the West Bank. Eva babbles about a conspiracy. Online trolls bother Rebecca. People surrender their will. There is no unified purpose. There is a darker cultural change. There is disgruntlement and a student. The sick child's mother gets her wish. Beau Bridges shows up.

Eva has biased thoughts and negative predictions. She sees herself as unbound by compromise or corruption. This was dreary as Eva and her pathetic petulance bores. Avi lurks. Eva thinks the preacher is planning a damaging action. There is a toxic debate. This was unappealing. Eva is palpably false. This becomes absurd. A honey trap fails.

Is he an apocalyptic portent? There are highly quesitonable goings on. Is the preacher hugely persuasive and manipulative? Rebecca follows the preacher. This is inadequate? Is that the preacher's brother? Eva is monstrously selfish and grandiose. Nothing happens unless Eva should be happy for it to happen. No one shall have what Eva seeks but her.

Best Lines:

“Moment of desperation.”

“Real trick is making you believe.”

“Why's he even bothering with this charade?”

“It did look like a miracle.”

“Plays at being this nomadic holy man.”

“Acts of social disruption.”

“DC feels like Woodstock.”

“Cutting off a head!”

“Half baked deep state conspiracies.”

“Civilization ending war.”

“Generation god has chosen.”

“That cursed man, that deceiver.”

The Trial Of Christine Keeler 1x03

Ward attention seeks. Porfumo lies. Christine can't get paid. This was truly ghastly and Ward is an arse. Mandy plays the press and Christine makes all the wrong decisions as she is a drama queen. There are lies and padding. Ruinous consequences await. This was oddly unaffecting and drearily ineffectual and the purpose of all this remains perplexing.

Best Lines:

“Soho knocking shop.”

“Keep the little tart quiet.”

“Nowhere left for me to run to.”

“You know what he's like, everyone does.”

“Act of the very gravest dishonour.”


This Oz drama is based on a novel. Joe is a business man and his son vanishes. He received a fake message about what time to pick his son up from school. His bitch wife ignores her missing son and bitches. Is she a drunk? The parents are emotionally repressed. So much for the school trip to the zoo. WTF is wrong with his bitch wife? Sam the idiot kid is found. An ex boyfriend of the wife stole him. Is the wife lying about her ex? Why are the police treating the parents like criminals? Life changes in a way that cannot be unchanged. The son is stupid. Joe has an idiot PA. A hooker the father knew is involved. The police are idiots and people shun Sam's birthday party. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Won't stand a chance in prison.”

“Victim of a bunch of scumbags.”

“Standing up and talking stuff.”

“Are you even in the right place?”

“Wait for what?”

“Sir you will remain in the car.”

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