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Star Wars: The Rise Of Kylo Ren Issue 1 Reviewed

I've read some spoilers for 'Rise Of Skywalker': A POX ON J.J. ABRAMS AND 'THE LAST JEDI'! Why and how did Ben Solo fall to the Dark Side? Why did his neglectful parents not care and just give up on him? Who are the Knights Of Ren?

A man talks waffle. What is the genesis of Ben Solo's rage? Did Leia ever regret leaving her son alone with her angry brother who wasn't afraid to hurt him? Ben Solo nddeded protection and wondered why nobody cared. Ben does not look like Adam Driver. Are TPTB implying Ben Solo didn't burn down Luke's academy?

People disbelieve Ben's account of Luke trying to murder him. People have an infinite capacity for denial. Ben has a dark realisation. Poor Ben – by not conforming to Luke's vision – he was ill-treated. The Jedi prats pose. Kylo Ren was never a Sith, he didn't have the red eyes. There is no plot to speak of, people don't seem to like Ben very much. Jedi twits have high moral seriousness, there is malign fate and false blame and Ben is in misery: the damage provoked by expectations.

The potential of Ben from the day he was born. Yet he's bitterly unhappy and desperately sad. We see Snoke and a weird planet. This was less appealling then it should have been. There is no mounting tension. Reylo 4eva BTW.

Best Lines:

“Let's go find something to burn.”

“This place was a lie. Now it's over.”

“Ben's father is one of the galaxy's great pilots. And his uncle blew up a Death Star.”

“We'll find him no matter where he goes.”

“He casts a pretty long shadow.”

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