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Movie Reviews: HowToTalkToGirlsAt Parties+ The Hustle+ Fall Of The Roman Empire+ Operation Avalance

How To Talk To Girls At Parties (2017)

Crap and shockingly bad.

The Hustle (2019)

Another unwanted remake. Rebel Wilson pretends to be a bin bag. There are shady people in a shady situation. Wilson plays a low brow con artist named Penny. Anne Hathaway is a high class con artist with a silly accent named Josephine. They join forces sorta and this flopped, which is no suprise as this is not quality driven.

There is a training montage and Dean Norris. Penny pretends to be a madwoman in the attic in an ongoing con to steal engagement rings. Josephine is horrid. They target a 'mark' who looks about 12 and the funny 1st half is brought down by the talentless charisma void 'mark'. There are bedroom prowlers and unrelenting squabbles and a horrible smug twink. The twink sends the film into a free fall.

Best Lines:

“Fake tit job bitch!”

“I don't speak foreign.”

“How much is that worth?”

“That is a coaster.”

“It's shiny.”

“Private performance of her college gynmnastics rountine.”

“Piss off you moon faced troll!”

“Big titted Russell Crowe!”

“Scare me in parking structures.”

The Fall Of The Roman Empire (1964)


Operation Avalance (2016)

NASA, the cold war, conspiracy and paranoia feature. There is mumbling and black and white and colour. The moon landing is faked. This was boring.

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