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The Trial Of Christine Keeler 1x02 + White Collar 6x06 + Messiah (2020-?) 1x01-1x03 Reviewed 🌪🌪🌪

The Trial Of Christine Keeler 1x02

Ellie Bamber and Sophie Cookson play the popsies. Ivanov is the Russian. One doesn't regard this with any great enthusiasm. The coming scandal did incalculable damage to Christine. She couldn't even get a job as a dinner lady. This scandal defined her career and legacy. She had a grim fall.

It is now 1963 and there is racism and vast carelessness. Profumo had distain for Christine and she's shamed in court. She faces the derision of others. Her ex is severly psychotic. There are grim allegations. This was not a compelling narrative. People are derogatory. MI5 watch Ward and Ivanov. A reporter chases Christine. Your sins will find you out Ward!

There is nefarious behaviour. Profumo has a position of respect. Time skips around. Christine and Mandy are both dead now as are Ward and Profumo. Christine's mother deliberately seeks to goad her. Christine grew up in a grim house. We see a flashback of her bleeding and crawling on the floor. She wears so much eyemakeup – one of her eyes looks deformed.

Ward calls Christine: “Little baby.” It doesn't occur to her to mind. Christine and Mady live with Ward. Christine is a poor deluded bint. Christine is 20 now. She and Mandy fight. Christine storms out with one valise to carry her worldly goods. A guy has one arm. Profumo lies, when others seek assurance.

Christine wanted more than to be confined to dives and brothels. Ward never amounted to his weight in sh*t. Christine's life has been altered by elemental forces. This was lurid. Fateful decisions are made and there is portentous chat. This causes malaise.

Christine got rid of her baby at 16 with a pen?!? She tells this to reporters, wasn't that illegal in 1963?!?! oh ffs! Wouldn't she be arrested? I doubt there were squeezy ketchup bottles in 1963. Christine can't recall if she boffed Ivanov or not. I don't think the USSR used the word embassy. Christine didn't know about the Berlin Wall? Christine talks about warheads. Lord, she's stupid.

One armed guy seems to show up with both arms. I'm confused. Ward had Christine delivering enevelopes? She didn't have a lovely life. Christine kissed and told and regretted it. Profumo's ever understanding actress wife seems sad. Ward turns on Christine. She was a naive little girl with power but it didn't save her. Far bigger powers are at work. Ivanov leaves the UK and Ward's flat is trashed.

Best Lines:

“Other considerations.”

“I'd rather she didn't speak of me at all.”


“Certain rumours have been making their way to me!”

“Common little piece.”

“Some sort of beat musician?”

“Sod it.”

“I'm more of an actress than you'll ever be a model love!”

“Up to our eyes in spies and homosexuals!”

“You and this bit of stuff.”

“Won't rest until a socialist government is running the show.”

“School to regiment.”

“La di daing about London!”

“The names I get called.”

“Jack her tits up so far.”

“That threesome that we did?”

“Mucky parties.”

“Like trying to get a slug in a slot machine.”

“I spent it all and more besides.”

“Can I go for a wee now?”

“Operating assumption.”

“Feasting like rats on a corpse.”

“The last time was the last time for me.”

“Set to destroy us all.”

Au Revoir

The end. Keller got his handler killed. People babble about tubes. Why do baddies never know Peter? Mozzie screams and is selfish. He's a toxic friend. Neal plans to rob the Pink Panthers. Neal plots. June lurks. The Liz-bot bitches. Peter and the Liz-bot will name their son Neal. FFS. Neal fakes his death.

TPTB gave a stupid reading of the ending: Peter chasing Neal all over again. The Liz-bot needs to go. Neal calls her family and yet Peter still hasn't apologised. Neal wears a pilot uniform. This was not a stonking triumph. One isn't deeply invested. There is no impending tragedy. How does Peter know how to track safes?

Neal is Peter's prize possession. Peter is completely opposed to sense. There is no responsibility. Keller's fat and droning and gurning. Neal is regarded as an imposition by the Liz-bot. Peter sees Neal as a potential nuisance. Peter didn't notice that the homeless guy he passed was actually Mozzie?

The useless dead Kate is mentioned. Keller 'shoots' Neal. Peter kills Keller. So how did Neal get the money and get away and who were the EMTs and did nobody noitce he wasn't dead and that the gunshot was fake?!? Peter waves a gun like a loon. Neal says Peter saw good in him and was his best friend. WTF is that BS? Peter NEVER apologised. This was infuriating and wearyuing. There is no positive attention.

Peter and his coercive tactics increased Neal's agitation. Neal has no autopsy scars. Mozzie does sad, badly. Neal has a self-imposed lifestyle change. There are no reasonable rules. A year passes. Peter never went to DC. Jones bores and Peter was never nonjudgmental. There is over-sentimentality. Diana goes to DC. Mozzie's still a criminal. The Pink Panthers got life. Neal escaped to Paris with 23 million. What did Sara and Neal's dad think of his 'murder'? TPTB had a clear unwillingness to be sensible.

This was vacuous. Neal never merited Peter's concern. This was vacuity. This totally didn't wok. It was empty and nasty and terrible and appalling. Peter never motivated or inspired Neal. This was wretched.

Best Lines:

“Said Brutus to Ceaser!”

“Took a masculine stance.”

“I trust you. To a point.”

“Pain you bring to me.”

“In the deepest darkest prisons, world travels fast.”

“Dead the moment she laid eyes on you.”

“So damn predictable.”

“Only one who saw good in me.”

“Momma's gonna have some of that.”

He That Hath An Ear

His followers revere him. Others supect sinister intent. Is he a divine messenger or a dangerous fraud? This is a fictional story not based on true events. This has 10 eps. Believing he miraclously delivered Damascus from ruin, a throng follow a man they called al-Masih into the desert, rasing suspicions in a paranoid CIA agent.

This show asks: what if the second coming took place in the social media age? In Syria, Isis advance and a terrified teen boy is among many who see a preacher apparently foil Isis by summoning a sandstorm. There is bad VFX and the sandstorm lasts 43 days. Eva is a CIA agent with issues, she is really annoying.

She has a dead husband and puts the preacher on a watchlist for no apparent reason. She's sick, maybe. The preacher wants to speak to women too. He has no name but his followers give him a name as he leads them across a cruel desert to Israel. Everyone expects violence. They want in. He's arrested and the refugees left pitifully at the border as an international incident develops.

A scarred man named Avi plots. The preacher stares and knows stuff. There are lots and lots of characters. The preacher vanishes from lock up. Eva (Michelle Monaghan) stares. This was good. Eva is given to nihilistic language, lives a pretty miserable life and treats others in a petulant and dismissive way.

Best Lines:

“God's hand will turn them away.”

“That's the concerning thing. He's come out of nowhere and is leading desperate people into the desert.”

“To what end?”

“Nothing but an act of god can stop the city from falling.”

“An army of sick and starving refugees?”

“He's created a cause.”

“You're angrier than usual.”


A dead bird is seen. An idiot teen girl named Rebecca lives in a dead end town. Her father is the reverend of a tiny remote church that is not well attended. A tumbleweed literally blows by. The reverend is broke and sad of his small congretation and plans to burn his church down for the insurance. He is broken.

Eva stomps around Israel whining. People are menaced. Eva is vociferously annoying. Inevitable blame is flung around. Eva targets Avi because. There are unresolved crises. People have an air of concern. Avi yells and the preacher is supremely confident. Avi has a gun toting freakout. Smartphones are waved as the preacher preaches about Judgment Day at the Temple Mount.

A child is shot and apparently healed by the preacher. It's all caught on film. There are more bad VFX. People listen to the preacher. Avi's wife whines. Eva is such a Scully. We see cats and Beau Bridges is the broke reverend's father in law! The preacher goes to Jordan, somehow and Avi attacks the Syrian teen boy. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Gave your neighbours a new reason to hate you.”

“Take me to the roadblocks!”

“Anywhere's gotta be better.”

“Don't you have any decency?”

“Not safe for people like you.”

The Finger Of God

There is a sense of despair. The annoying Rebecca plans to run away after lying about having no money. Doesn't anybody lock their door? There is a tornado. Biurds fly. Everyone but Rebecca makes it to the church shelter. The preacher saves Rebecca from the storm and apparently saves the church from the tornado. A boy films all this during the tornado.

How did the preacher get to the USA? Eva wants it scrubbed. The town is trashed and only the church has been saved. An annoying authority figure arrests him, Avi does bad things to the teen boy. The reverend, Felix, believes in the preacher and gets him an ACLU lawyer. Eva pukes and apaprently does nothing about it - open up your apology wallet woman. Why is everyone calling the preacher a terrorist? This was okay.

Best Lines:

“He is coming with the clouds.”

“You should really stop saying I don't know.”

“It was meant to happen.”

“The miracle man.”

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