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Book Reviews: Usher's Passing + Downtown Abbey: Rules For Household Staff

Usher's Passing by Robert R. McCammon

This 'horror' has a staggering level of incompetence. This 1983 novel from the author of 'Swan Song', 'Stinger' and 'Mine' is a sequel to 'The Fall Of The House Of Usher', it was neither needed nor wanted. There is sexism, racism, domestic violence is ignored, the word retard is used and country folk are uneducated gombeens who talk in country dialect. This isn't condusive to quality.

There is no emotional potency. The rich soulless Usher clan have jovial distain for morals and engage in violent disorder and have many moral failings. The 'hero' Rix is a twat and a bad future is closing in on him. This fails abjectly and miserably. This was intolerable and an unremitting assault on quality.

This is of no particular interest. One vehemently rejects this infuriating misfire that has a disastrous inability to be scary. The grotesque Ushers have a pattern of violent and abusive behaviour. They wield their influence with obvious distain for the little people. There is a panther, a mountain king and a pumpkin monster. This wilfully avoids sense and is anger-inducing. This novel is generally a bad idea and one wishes to be freed from acqutainship with it. This rapdily loses credibility

Best Lines:

“You've brought me nothing but shame.”

“You never cared enough to try.”

“Too busy hating Dad and Boone for the things you thought they'd done to you,”

Downtown Abbey: Rules For Household Staff

This piece of merch is various bits of info cherry picked from older books. The amount of effort put into being in service. FFS. Eat the rich!

Best Line:

“It leads men to frequent public houses, spend their money unwisely and render them unfit for work.”

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