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Movie Reviews: I Am Patrick Swayze+ Mystify+ The Ipcress File+ Wolves+The House Sitter+Sid And Judy

I Am Patrick Swayze (2019)

This documentary shows another side of the actor who was never as big a star as he hoped to be. His mother was abusive? This was not a vivid spectacle. This was oddly underwhelming. He had intense ambition and we see clips of old movies and tv shows. There were rash decisions and his family sounded like an acrimonious one.

We see behind the scenes of 'The Outsiders'. We hear he may have been an bipolar alcholic. Various people are interviewed including his brother Don, it is interesting to see who is not. There are woes and he is seen as an inspirational figure. This was intempurate. There was contention and debate. There is an unrelenting march of time and cancer. There was a natural desire for peace and wellbeing and long term decline.

Best Lines:

“Wouldn't accept mediocrity.”

“Big dick energy.”

“His need to do well was unprecedented and that's saying something cos Tom Cruise was in the movie.”

“Partner dancing.”

“I loved to do that sh*t.”

“Live until I stop.”

“Best worse movie of all time.”

“Truth of that character.”

“Your approval is not needed.”

“Being a man.”

“Jane Fonda 'China Syndrome' era red wig.”

Mystify: Michael Hutchence (2019)

This was a dull documentary about the self-destructive INXS singer. Paula Yates ruined him. How did INXS' career just end? Yawn.

Best Lines:

“Aggressively against it.”

“Pseudo moralities.”

The Ipcress File (1965)

Dull Brit spies.

Wolves (2014)

Lucas Till, Stephen McHattie and the future 'Aquaman' star in this inept werewolf movie. A teen is a werewolf and eats his parents. Wasn't this the plot of an 80s tv show? How as a fugitive does he afford beer and petrol? He ends up in a town like 'Wolf Lake'. There is unlikely paternity and this was not genuinely original or brilliant.

Best Lines:

Town wolves.”

“Cannibal kid murders.”

The House Sitter (2015)

Tori Spelling stars with her real life husband. She has fried hair. There is a twist and an obvious stuffed toy. There is inexactitude.

Sid And Judy (2019)

A documentary about Judy Garland and one of her many husbands. Jon Hamm provides the voice of Sid Luft. Jennifer Jason Leigh provides the voice of Judy. Sid and Judy were married for 13 years, her longest. This covers her days as Frances Gumm, her mother, the studio, drugs, JFK and her tv show. This was okay.

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