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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'You' season 2 trailer

He has a new target: she's called Love. FFS.

'Dracula' promo


'Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker' tv spot

Leia. Rey is a Mary Sue.

Vanilla cream – okay.

Salted caramel cream – banal.

Millens smoked cheese – okay.

Who saw 'Cat Chaser', 'City Of Joy' or 'To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar'?

My ex sold me a false promise. He broke promises.

What are ragworms?

I won't watch any more 'You'.

Watched 'Man-Eating Super Squid'.

'The Daily Telegraph' Quotes:

“A tortoise was rescued by firefighters after it set a house ablaze on christmas day.”

“His fall from grace has been one of the most shocking within the establishment.”

“Their concerns were neither taken seriously nor acted upon.”


“Expose plans and intentions of the imperialists.”

“Talk of brekaing the last taboo of German life and imposing a speed limit on the autobahns.”

“Social progess.”

“Been led to believe that life will deliver less.”

“The trust that you will feed and tend to them.”

“Should be closed within a generation.”

“Completely and deservedly lost the trust of the British public,”

“Declaring my apprehension.”

“Students too lazy to do their own work and too stupid to judiciously change the odd verb.”

“Baffled why any young person would even contemplate going to university if they weren't prepared to learn.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Intent to endanger.”

“Previously signaled concern.”

'Great Railway Journeys' Quotes:

“The legacy of that decision.”

“Got damn all.”

'A Jar With Brendan Behan' Quotes:

“What muck from Irishtown.”

“Snot green water of Dublin Bay.”

“Pathological horror of country people.”

“Complete strangers would go to the trouble of abusing me.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Aren't always beloved.”

“Left them unpopular.”

“Annoyed an awful lot of people.”

“Worst place to have any nuanced discussion or debate.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Waterlogged by a tide that could not be kept out.”

“Botched coup.”

“A managerable level of changes.”

“Litany of insultings.”

“Indicating hostility.”

“Brings ruin to all.”

“Oversensitive to perceived offence.”

“Meanings were disputed.”

“Upending the world's geopolitical order,”

“Weirdy wing of the Labour party.”

“Warnings that went unheeded.”

“Peripheral voice.”

“Unconscionable disservice.”

“Found meaning and togetherness.”

“Textured civil society.”

“Ideological content.”

“Doctrinal purity.”

“Baleful trend.”

“Sweetness of intent.”

“Pull factor.”

“Public frustration.”

“Upended political expectations.”

“Finally wore out his welcome.”

“Retains a persistent hold.”

“Ghastly festering secrets.”

“Genealogical entwinement.”

'The Wildcats Of St Trinian's' Quotes:

“Ladies in first class compartments who read Country Life don't spirit girls away to kick their legs in Benghazi.”

“St Trinian's freak!”

“Bunch of St Trinian's no goods.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

Failed to respond.”

“Man admits to murders in the bog.”

“Unsayable obvious.”

“Mythic, far-off prehistory.”

“The reason for her own pain.”

“A character thought dead several movies ago.”

“The standard biography almost cease to exist.”

“Life tenure.”

“Cultural secession.”


“I radiate rage.”

'The Sunday Telegraph' Quotes:

“They never realised what the consequences of their lies would be.”

“Withdrawal from public view.”

“Puffed up like a furious owl.”

“Ceaseless soothing.”

“Badly abused the hospitality of the family.”

“Reflexive dislike.”

On 'Hollyoaks': there were flashforwards to Dec 31 2020. Ollie's a junkie, Charlie and Ella are drug dealers and Sid's AWOL. Romeo drama queens and Darren's hysterical and possibly a murderer. Peri and Juliet hook up. There is a body and John-Paul is crying. Badly. A disruptive year to come.

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