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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Runaways' promo


'Come To Daddy' trailer


Best Lines:

“I once kicked a guy's ear off.”

“I'm not a murderer.”

“You just killed somebody 5 minutes ago.”

'After Midnight' trailer


Made gluten free stuffing and it was okay.

Christmas tree tortillas – okay.

Lavender salt – okay.

Rum choc – yum.

Bronze organic turky – okay.

A newspaper delivery was blown into the street, someone cooked goose and filled the house with smoke. No thank yous for the clean up were offered. The oven was filled with grease. My ex spent christmas with someone else.

I want a triple chocolate pudding.

The poor kangaroo and horse in Australia.

I won't read 'The Swallows'.


'The Goes Wrong' show was okay. I actually laughed out loud.

Best Lines:

“In 6 months he'll be living in his car like I am.”

“Who's the real winner at christmas? I'll tell you! Amazon!”

'Bas No Saoirse' Quotes:

“Benvolence is scarcely unknown here.”

“Not possessed of language to describe it.”

“Difficult personal circumstances.”

“No help will ever be extended.”

“Convict code.”

“Surrender their liberty.”

'Father Ted' Quotes:

“3 lads pointing at a star.”

“Catholic scandal supplement.”

'Sky News' Quotes:


“Melting her roof.”

“No line of defence.”

“Level of entrenchment.”

“They don't exist.”

“The status quo is not sustainable.”

'Hugh Grant: A Life On Screen' Quotes:

“Third shouting peasant.”

“Kind enough to like me.”

“No. Who are you?”

“Moral beauty.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Faking concern for her wellbeing.”

“Came to embody the thing he hated most.”


“Shaking his fists in rage.”

“Nostalgia fest.”

“Disregarding the very obvious and by now publicly well-grounded misgivings.”

“The dominant life form on Earth.”

“The last trappings of their reign.”

“Not something you can forget.”

“Forcibly taken out,”

“Firing a single shot into the head of anyone still moving.”

“The rules rarely if ever enforced.”

“The response is indifference or can be threatening.”

“Career-ending storm.”

“The fires are so enormous that man cannot stop them,”

'Northside People' Quotes:


“Late adopter.”

'Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping' Quotes:

“Moved to Japan to hunt dolpins.”

“Weed roller, weed holder.”

“In hindsight, it was not my best decision.”

“Ab trainer.”

“2 umbrealla wranglers.”

“Idiot alert.”

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