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The Manchurian Candidate (1962)

Frank Sinatra, Janet Leigh, Laurence Harvey and Angela Lansbury star. Shaw is a war hero with a smother who is made into a submissive slave by evil foreigners. There is sanctimonious commentary. An emotionally distressed man has no great intensity. There is talk of brainwashing.

There is moral indignation and moral righteousness. People bask in their own splendour. There is a lack of social responsibility. There are dubious decision making processes. There are evil foreigners and racism. There is a karate fight and no desire for normality and justice. There is no compunction and open defiance of sense. Baddies act with total impunity. Random women yap. This was ineffective. Nobody is deemed responsible and there are self declared principles. This was not good and I had no interest in it or its remake.

Best Lines:

“Terrible things he's written.”

“Sufficient to bring generals to their feet saluting.”

“Loathe and despise you.”

“Repellent to his moral nature.”

“Say what you're supposed to say!”

“Head of 15 different patriotic organisations.”

“Simple minded question.”

“The safety of our nation may well depend on your answer.”

“Outwardly normal, productive and sober member of the community.”

The Turn Of The Screw (2009)

Michelle Dockery and Dan Stevens star in this take on the Henry James novel. This opens in 1921 and a woman is a governess to 2 bad child actors. There is an absent creepy perv boss, heavy breathing, staring and visions. The governess is sure that Flora and Miles (who was expelled for reasons) are in danger from the ghosts of a dead governess and the equally dead Quint the valet. She was sure the uncaring Master will rescue her and love her. The ambiguity of the novella is thrown away. This was not good.

Best Lines:

“The terrible things that happened in this beautiful house.”

“Shield the weak from the devil!”

“So very indifferent.”

“Evil will endure throughout the ages.”

“Everything is as it has always been.”

“Taught wicked things.”

“The last to be considered.”

“Didn't do much serving.”

“Such things are not for me.”

“Evil things.”

“No one cared what he got up to.”

Paddintgon 2 (2017)

Hugh Grant minces. No.

Best Lines:

“Rolling shoes.”

“Open your minds and your legs will follow.”


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