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Harley has emotional anger and this coupled with her having fallen for the Joker and Harvey Dent having issues leads to a life altering moemnt. The Joker remains frustratingly unchanged. Does he actually love Harley? Or is he just playing her? It's unclear. Poison Ivy features briefly.

Batman can stroll into Arkham. Joker has gained unprecedented dominance over Harley in this absolutely riveting conclusion. Harley begins her shift toward villainy as the Joker has a devasating effect on her. She makes poor decisions and is oblivious to the consequences. Harley is passionately devoted to the Joker and boffs her mentally ill patient.

This was endlessly delightful. Joker and Harvey Dent impose themselves on the world around them. Where is Robin? Batgirl is mentioned but never seen. Bruce broods. Harley believes that she alone can save and help the Joker. The Joker lets her think that. The Joker stirs the pot and Robin is mentioned. Harley finally realises her mistakes too late. Bruce sits in his Batchair in his Batcave making moral judgements. This was excellent.

Best Lines:

“Gotham is the city where all the angels fly on wings of Icarus, doctor. Up, up they go...and down, down they fall.”

“If you stare into the abyss long enough---”

“You may find a broken man trying to climb out!”

“She felt there were always people watching, waiting, eager to amke her the butt of their jokes. This led to a lot of unresolved resentment and anger.”

“Our city's unqiue brand of repeat offenders.”

“Who authorized this?!”

“Um...nobody? He's Batman!”

“The dream has lasted quite a while. A long time in the dark.”

“My love could cure him.”

“Took the wrong turns on her own.”

“Took her work and her kindness and used it against her!”

“Show him that he's needed.”

“I want to save him.”

“Delusional through it was in the end, I truly believed it.”

“That makes me sound like such a one-note villain!”

“Maybe, but no one plays that note better.”

“Killer Croc is running around the halls eating people!”

“The murderous maniac with a justice fetish.”

“The judge sent him to Arkham because he thought Joker would be an even worse threat in Blackgate!”

“A moment of inescapable finality.”



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