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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Little Women' tv spot

“Sold what was my own.”

'Cobra' promo


'The Witcher' trailer

That wig!

'Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker' tv spot

What was the point?

'Misbehaviour' trailer

The 1970 Miss World is disrupted.

Best Line:

“Smoking and watching, like in a heist film.”

'Scared Stiff' (1987) trailer

What the hell?!?!?

Hot salsa – okay.

Rose lemonade – yum.

Rose & pistacho choc – nice.

Argentina Malbec rose – mmm.

Ridge cut sea salted crisps – yum.

'Bad Move' was a horrendously bad sitcom.

What's Nashville fried chicken?

Who saw 'Kisses', 'The Way We Were', 'Dude, Where's My Car?', 'Angels & Demons', 'Tin Cup' or 'Carry On Dick'?

I want a morganite and diamond art deco ring. I also want a rosemary mint vegan soy wax candle.

My ex's hurtful behaviour hurts, deeply hurts. His deception and failure to be honest and accountable hurt. I resent having to endure this.

I'm rocked by loss and abscence.

'Russian Yeti' and 'Area 51' were not good.

'The Lost Women Of NXIVM' was WTF.

Best Lines:

“They're not made to sink.”

“Dark influence on her life.”

'Charles I: Killing A King' Quotes:

“Does nothing to stop this.”

“Events no one doubts happened.”

“What fate will befall their king.”

“Soon repented of.”

“Any compassion for the king.”

“Make war on them.”

“Broken this sacred oath.”

“Only answers to god.”

“Public enemy to the good people of this nation.”

“A condemned man is already dead.”

“Catch a glimpse of the fallen king.”

“Weeping at windows.”

“Preparing to meet his god.”

“The full dire truth.”

“Rightfully fearful.”

“Killing the lord's annointed.”

“Very sure of what you were doing.”

“Needed him gone.”

“Further retellings.”

“Insist long upon this.”

“Echo through the years.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Not a helpful development.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Responded dismissively.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Seasonal stress crap.”

“Cultural reference points have shifted.”

“The video store was a goner.”

“Media indifference.”


“Control my life.”

“Young adults trapped in their parents' homes.”

“Allows personal frustrations to distort his relationships with every member of his family.”

“Taken advantage of their positions to do harm.”

“Civilised present exchange at a pre-determined hour.”

“Smoke-shrouded sun.”

“Consigned to 1970s history books.”

“Our house was never private after that, and that was hard.”

“British men spend 11 hours over the Christmas holidays hiding from their families.”

“Profoundly inaccurate.”

“No indication as to the intentions of the new owner.”

“Silenced, sidelined, unheeded and unheard.”


“Feeling removed from the community and isolated.”

“Unrestrained by decorum or shame.”

“Makes George W Bush sound like Cicero.”

“Imposed dreams.”

“Began by one Henry (the Sixth) and finished two Henry's later, by his namesake the Eighth.”

“It makes your neighbours wonder if you are involved in a demonic cult.”

“Avoid telling you the truth about their lives.”

“Culture card.”

“Limited public sympathy.”

“Simply the result of bad choices.”

'Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Quotes:

"Better get intimidated.”

“Stop talking about my fear stink!”

'Snapped' Quote:

“Drug taker.”

'Bad Move' Quotes:

“Well you would do.”

“Life seems almost bearable.”

“Packets of dehyrated chicken soup that the SAS weren't brave enough to eat.”

'A Merry Tudor Christmas With Lucy Worsley' Quotes:

“I'm squeezing meat!”

“The Christmas meat for much of history.”

“Had a deer herd.”

“Spectacle birds.”

“Wasn't a terribly popular king.”

“Unto the poor folks.”

'Money Monster' Quote:

“Haven't eaten dinner alone since the 90s.”

'Mrs Dickens' Family Christmas' Quotes:

“Slag rag.”

“Class overlords.”

“Driven out of their homes.”

“Fought his way to respectability.”

“Couldn't and wouldn't ever forgive her.”

“Celebrity first wife syndrome.”

“Chicken stalker.”

“Very odd, even by Victorian standards.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“No one had come to check on her.”

“Running out of water here.”

'Sunday Independent' Quotes:

“The sadness that can come from the choices we make.”

“We will look back on the choices we make, and we will live with them.”

“Made a terrible choice that day too, and he has to live with it.”

“The choices he made, and the consequences of those choices.”

“Malign brotherhood.”

“Dark loyalties.”

“Diffuse situation.”

“Having views they shouldn't have.”

“I'm very sorry about that but I've resigned myself to it.”

“Dreadful moment.”

“It's a remoteness.”

“There doesn't seem to be any interest on his side, so you kind of think 'what am I supposed to do, beg'.”

“Betray the local community.”

“Lost the family home – then went into rehab and rebuilt his life, only to lose it a second time along with his family who could take no more;”

“They are not beloved.”

“The kind of damage he would continue to do to himself.”

“Doesn't look at me with loving eyes anymore.”


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