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Movie Reviews: I Am Bruce Lee + The Irishman

I Am Bruce Lee (2012)

A good documentary about the icon.

Best Line:

“Others dictating his future.”

The Irishman (2019)

This film is too long at 3 hours and 29 minutes. It is supposedly a true story. Robert De Niro mumbles as a mob hitman in this dull and sad movie. All the men seem to have younger wives. There is digital de-aging rather than the casting of younger actors.

Hoffa (Al Pacino) yells and the gork from 'Everybody Loves Raymond' plays a mob lawyer. The hitman and his daughter Peggy become estranged due to his work. JFK is elected and of course dies. RFK tries to get Hoffa. As for Hoffa, he sprays spit. Subtitles inform viewers of the violent way various characters will die. Apart from one character who was apparently well liked and died of natural causes.

Frank (De Niro) kills people. The Teamsters feature. Hoffa Jnr lurks. Anna Paquin has one line as the adult Peggy. One line! Paquin has an Oscar FFS! Watergate happens. Frank is self damning. The mob has Frank's eternal loyalty and there is no satisfactory explanation for that. This was not a roaring success. There is no narrative sense. This was humourless and Frank outlives all his friends and enemies. Martin Scorsese directed this and it was based on a book. Joe Pesci, Bobby Cannavale, Stephen Graham, Harvey Keitel and Jesse Plemons co-starred.

Best Lines:

“Believe me you'll be sorry.”


“He owened something, you could tell.”

“Prep school punk.”

“Get Hoffa Squad.”

“No competition, not even from the grave.”

“Wicked attempts.”

“Justice will be done on you.”

“You do that, you die.”

“Make the witnesses run away.”

“Patrol car can hear it a few blocks away.”

“Help you in life.”

“He's dead? Who did it?”


“Everybody's dead.”

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