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The White Princess (2017) 1x01 Reviewed

In Bed With The Enemy

This is the sequel to 'The White Queen'. Later 'The Spanish Princess' would follow this. This has nice opening credits and different actors than 'The White Queen'. Elizabeth Of York boffed her uncle Richard III. Eeewww. This Richard III did not have a twisted spine. Elizabeth Of York (it's Eve from 'Klling Eve') and her idiot mother plot. One of the Princes In The Tower was saved.

The fact that the Yorks are so fond of the dead Richard III is absolute imbecility. This was bafflingly awful aimless tedium. Henry VII is bigged up by his mommy. Henry VII orders Richard's banners burnt. Elizabeth of York and her mommy whine. Everyone ignores the fact that Edward IV was a usurper too.

This was completely inadequate. Henry VII and Elizabeth of York marry despite disliking each other. No names like Suki Waterhouse and Michelle Fairley star. Elizabeth of York knew she would marry the victor of Bosworth, she wanted the victor to be Richard. This has no rationale, consistency or fairness. Henry VII imposes his will on England. Richard III's mommy is off to the Tower.

A stupid boy yells. This has no good storytelling or charming ingenuity. This was dreadful. TPTB didn't ask if their vision had any value in the first place. This was all misery and dourness. Elizbaeth of York conceives Arthur and plans on killing her baby. This was trivial and mockable. Exposition flies. Elizabeth of York is an idiot. Her mommy does magic. Elizabeth of York has sibling rivarly issues with her sisters.

Best Lines:

“Except consent and look delighted.”

“Can still command England.”

“Claimed to love him.”

“Come against your son.”

“Dark, cold and bad times.”

“The England that we once knew is gone and with it chivalry and honour.”

“He based his claim for England on you being by his side.”

"The spoils of war.”

“This man is the victor. For now.”

“Heir to nothing.”

“Killed my son and stole his crown.”

“Descended from a servant!”

“An old woman whose noise is of no consequence.”

“Raised your army on that pledge.”

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