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Ten Days In The Valley 1x09&1x10 + Ghost Whisperer (2005-2010) 1x22 + Law & Order 10x23 Reviewed

Day 9: Re-Cast

The mother is stupid and bullies Lake. The mother kidnaps Lake herself and hangs out with drug dealers. Someone finally arrests the crap mother. This was crap.

Day 10: Fade Out
Lake is kidnapped AGAIN. This is all to do with the mother's bad cop show. This was boring and DUMB. I'd rather be watching 'Cult'.

Best Line:
"Scary scary words."

Free Fall

Melinda learns a jetliner will crash. She has visions and bad hair and make up. This tries so little. Melinda learns the crew and passengers of the jetliner are dead due to lost pressure and that the plane is still in the air and will crash soon. But what plane and where will it crash? This was dull. The plane crashes and loads of ghosts show up.

Best Lines:

“We're still flying.”

“Sound like lunatics.”


A rich woman is in a coma. Was she poisoned? Is this a take on the Von Bulow case? Her latest husband and daughter and doctor are all suspected. The woman's doctor is called Shipman! There are lies and reveals and games. They all did it! This was okay with a downer ending.

Best Lines:

“Even your houseboy noticed.”

“A bunch of crazy rich white people.”

“Idle rich and their idle hands.”

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