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Star Trek Voyager: Mirrors & Smoke Reviewed

This one-shot is a Mirror Universe take on Janeway and co who in this universe are social sewage and walking cesspits. This has a painted look. Janeway and her rebel crew plunder and encounter the MU Kes and Neelix. MU Chakotay looks like a gangbanger. Subtle. Why are Janeway and co wearing uniforms that look like the real world ones?

MU Kim is boring, MU Tuvok is useless and MU Cavit is usurped by Chakotay. MU Janeway has decent hair. MU Annika Hansen shows up. Her existence and the existence of the EMH make no sense. MU Paris bores. MU Janeway seeks out the Borg. Why is MU Torres on the ship? What became of MU Annika? What'll happen next? This was okay.

Best Lines:

“As we stripped them of supplies and left them to die.”

“There's no need to thank it for anything,”

“In case you ever managed to board.”

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