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Star Trek Voyager 4x02 + Ten Days In The Valley 1x08 + The Name Of The Rose 1x08 Reviewed 🔥🔥🔥

The Gift

This was reams of tedium. Janeway tells people what to do, think, feel, believe and be. This was dreariness. This was boring. Kes gets superpowers and leaves. Janeway lacks gravitas and warmth. 7 of 9 wants to phone home. Janeway is a control freak loon. Kes moves the ship beyond Borg space. 7 of 9 wears a skintight silver catsuit for no good reason.

Day 8: Against Type

Bitches whine. The mother wrecked her life. The suspect in the case keeps changing. People shadily look around. Lake's found. Yeah and?

The Name Of The Rose 1x08

There is over-acting and this was devoid of morality, conscience, intelligence and creativity. Adso and his boss nearly let a woman die. The Abbot whines and there is a fire. This bored.

Best Line:

“Too many calamities have afflicted this place.”

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