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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Grudge' trailer


'Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker' clip

Kylo Ren was manipulated by Palpatine?

'Playing With Fire' tv spot


Maple salt fudge – yum.

Drunken duck cherry & Amaretro pate – tastes like liverwurst.

Spanish cheese with rosemary – dry.

Mexican salad – okay.

I want a ring with gentle hues of rose gold and morganite. I also want elegant fire diamond bands and diamond bands with a twist and entwined rings. I want a red silk bag and I want Romeo & Juliet fairest stars earrings. I want Sandro Grande earrings, emerald earrings and Milieu du Siecle earrings.

What is neo-mint?


I'd try a cider roast turkey and fried custard.

Who read 'The Selfish Giant'?

I saw 'Son Of Sam: The Hunt For A Killer' – okay.

Best Lines:

“The unwanted result.”

“Having dogs talk to me and being controlled by demons.”

Who saw 'Disco Pigs', 'Layer Cake' or 'The Nanny'?

There is watermelon tea and turkey bread?

My ex was not willing to do the work of love, he's non-committal. His attention was fleeting.

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Not going to get snatched in a parking lot.”

“Friends with heroin addicts.”

'The Toys That Made Us: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' Quotes:

“Bad guy has plot.”

“Played by the same actor.”

“Tommy merchindise is very popular.”

“Huge power sword action.”


“American fans hated this.”

“Paid the lights for quite a time.”

“Build the brand back.”

“Legacy line.”

“Option clause.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Domestic accountability.”

“Ill-advised to risk the credibility it has achieved.”

“Historical ignorance.”

“Time travel, space vampires, apperances from satan himself-”

“Snidely mocking its characters.”

“A world of sour, grim-dark reboots,”

“Ghastly thought.”

“Inspired a lot of loyalty.”

“The days when state funds were her own fortune to purchase giraffes, jewels and blocks of Manhatten according to whim.”

“The entire population of a coastal island was evacuated – 254 families – so that the Marcos family could import zebras and other African hoofstock for their own private safari.”

“Not much liked at the time.”

“Maybe fire is science, not witchcraft.”

“The terrorist has been idenified in the toilet.”

“Have said he would burn down the house before giving it up or agreeing to the bank selling it.”

“In which a single family control the fortunes of a whole people, like Saudi Arabia or Kerry.”

“Either contribute to their own road safety or not.”

“Longing for memories of another time, memories that don't yet exist, and now won't ever exist.”

“Missing a time, an era.”

“What may not exist any longer...”

“Longing for something that was once yours.”

“Longing for someone or something that you know you can never experience again.”

“Much of what people believe is wrong.”


“Their lies weren't so obvious at the time.”

“We learn to read emotions from emotionally transparent television programmes such as Friends, and consequently end up suspecting people of lies purely because they do not act like people do on television.”

“Personal interactions gone awry.”

“Trusting instincts.”

“They set off on a quest to find whatever it is people look for on quests.”

“Accidently setting fire to a bus,”

“Wasn't nice things that went on there.”

“Woke up feeling safe.”

The men they are fleeing.”

“Lot of people saw the abuse and never helped me,”

“Crying for help. But nobody helped.”

“Diplomatic allegiance.”

“Symbols of the enemy.”

“Bad incidents.”

“Nothing belonged to him culturally.”

“Wasn't exactly inundated with offers from colleges.”

“Run out of the country.”

“Things started to turn bad. The very elderly audience were, literally, dying off.”

“No effort had been made to attract them by engaging with the local community.”

“Starring elderly actors from British films of the 1930s and 1940s.”


“Final, irrevocable end.”

“Poor buildings, huge car dependency.”

“Ignoring the law and the science.”


“Bleak vista.”

“Protective shield of adoration.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Victim of a campaign of attacks.”

“Repelled voters.”

“Monster Raving Loony.”

“Election victory of this scale.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“For the first time in living memory.”

“Incontinent mess of unbelievable promises.”

“Massive rejection of this.”

'The Twilight Zone' Quote:

“All sunk so deep in the bedrock not even a nova could touch them.”

'Marvel's Spider-Man' Quote;

“Go play hero, you're not wanted here.”

'Amish Mafia' Quotes:

“Barn fights.”

“Not welcome around here.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Filled with good intentions.”

“Feels increasingly ignored and invisible.”

“Loading and unloading of the dishwasher,”

“Deeply unrewarding quest.”

“Foodstuff of parody.”

“If a boy in my class had told me that, I'd have assumed he had learning difficulties.”

“Violently contradictory.”

“Get rid of a lot of people they don't want.”

“Sex on demand,”

“Making other people's lives unpleasant,”

“Easily shocked.”

“Bitter acrimony.”

“Morally sanctimonious.”

“Determined misery.”

“Failed to endear himself.”

“Committing crimes against the aesthetic sensibilities.”

“Doesn't seem to know what would make for interesting conversation.”

“Narrative violation.”

“Hiding behind a bush with a bottle of vodka.”

“Forgives people for flaws that perhaps ought not be forgiven.”

“Creates havoc.”

“Deliberate antagonising.”

“Vengeance is total.”

“No power of sanction.”

“Dive urgency.”

“Wonder at this notion of enjoyment.”

“Allegedly noble causes.”

“Fight to the last.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Manifesting of issues.”

“External reasoning.”

“14 years and 3 leaders.”

“Any culprit for this defeat that isn't them.”

On 'Hollyoaks': James and Liam are a couple now?!? Mercedes gloats over having put Sylver in jai for something he didn't do. Diane shags her father in law. Sid gets a home.

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