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Star Trek Voyager 3x26&4x01 + Arrow 8x06&8x07 Reviewed

Scorpion part 1

There is a useless Da Vinci hologram. The crew reach Borg space. Harry Kim was to be killed off in this ep but Kes was fired instead. Janeway allies with the Borg in dumb fashion. They encounter 15 Borg cubes. Shouldn't the ship have run out of torpedos by now? What destroyed the 15 Borg cubes? A new species who are also capable of blowing up a planet. The Breen have organic tech? Janeway's nuts.

Best Lines:

“Existence as you know it has ended.”

“Massacre at Wolf 359.”

“The weak will perish.”

Scorpion part 2

7 of 9 shows up. Did Jeri Ryan just do this show to pay her mother's medical bills? Janeway wants to help the Borg in their war with Species 8472. Chakotay is not happy. Kate Mulgrew bullied Jeri Ryan on set. The Borg started the war with Species 8472. Janeway is a dumb bitch. The acting is so very very bad.


This was boring banality. Oliver is an ass. Quentin lurks. Oliver does groundhog day.

Best Line:

“Crazy space god.”


Oliver has callous disregard for his children. Oliver whines and Oliver tells his kids he's ditching them. So he gets away with all the murders he committed in season 1? Lyla's bizarre. Old faces show up. Roy loses an arm. Oliver talks. Diggle's an idiot. Mia's dumb. Oliver is morally corrupt on every level. This was abysmal. The more this show goes on the more ridiclous this seems. This has neither suprise nor wonder. This was shockingly poor.

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