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Good Witch (2015-?) 1x02 + VOY 3x25 + The Name Of The Rose 1x07 + Ten Days In The Valley 1x05 😿

Running Scared

A dumb bitch bitches. This was ludicrous and worthy of derision. The lame opening credits debut. The doctor is an ass. The witch does her beatific smile. The doctor's snot son snots. There is a contagious stupidity. The local paper is to close. This isn't excitingly resonant. The snot son steals.

The witch has to fake being someone's girlfriend. The son doesn't cover himself in glory. Women hurl themselves at the doctor. Pumpkin cranberry pie is a thing apparently. The witch's mouth is deformed by fillers. The mayor is busted. Someone's in trouble. There are points of contention all round. This was not compellingly weird.

The son has studied indifference. Why is Grace so stupid? Why is she so oblivious to Nick's malevolence? Nick is a vandal and a thief and a liar who purposely violates laws and covers up crimes and lies and menaces. Will Laurie piss off? Nick's never held accountable by his deadbeat father. Nick lies and smugs and this was complete insignificance. This was tedious and we see a pic of Chris Potter.

Best Lines:

“I did nothing wrong.”

“You never do.”

“Start yelling.”

“My ex best friend.”

“Orders don't apply to me. I'm in charge.”

“Mayor sues dead hero's son.”

“Ooooohhhh the internet!”

Worst Case Scenario

A holonovel depicts a mutiny. All tension with the Maquis vanished after 1x01. This was stilted. Seska wants revenge from beyond the grave.

Best Lines:

“That is an entirely implausible plot development.”

“Don't get so caught up in logic.”

“Feeble attempt at wit.”

The Name Of The Rose 1x07

A witch is accused. There is mumbling and darkness and people not helping themselves. This is a fun sponge.

Best Line:

“Profane hands.”

Day 5: Back To Ones

There are flashbacks. The mother was always a bitch. The child abducting PA is dead. So where is Lake now? The mother makes it all about her.

Best Line:

“You only gave Lake the candy so she wouldn't catch her mom doing blow in the shed!”

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