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Batwoman Supergirl World's Finest Reviewed

An epic team up of 6 mini action packed adventures.

Sister, Sister

How do Supergirl and Batwoman keep their big hair out of their faces whilst crime fighting? This was okay but why is Alice in her underwear?

Best Lines:

“Let's team up.”

“Let's not.”

“Haunted by the living.”


Kate goes undercover and Black Mask shows up. This was okay.

Exit Interview

Kara's fired from her Catco internship. This was sappy.

Batwoman Rebirth

This is an interesting story with a hint of the future. I like her lipstick.

Best Lines:

“Sticking her fingers in the cookie jarhead.”

“She's a missing white girl waiting to happen.”

Supergirl Rebirth

We see Argo. Supergirl has no powers and then she does. There is a werewolf and a new origin. This was bad.

Best Lines:


“A tool for you to walk among the people you protect.”

Beyond A Shadow

How does Batman not know that Kate Kane is Batwoman? What is Kate after? This was excellent.

Best Lines:

“Every time he comes she never lets him in. A possible falling-out. He can't be all bad. While I was disguised, he gave me money.”

“Gear stash.”

“Faking intent to harm, making my swing believable,”

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