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Stargate Universe Episode 3 Review

Air, Part 3

The away team face a race against the clock to find lime that will scrub the carbon monoxide from the ship’s dwindling air supply. The away team are on a hot desert world; at least it’s not a medieval village with English speaking aliens.

Young contacts Earth and body swaps with Telford. So Telford’s alive. Telford wanders around the Destiny in Young’s body which he has no respect for. Chloe also body swaps so she can tell her drunken mother that her father is dead. Young in Telford’s body tells O’Neill about their situation and the overbotoxed O’Neill couldn’t care less.

On the desert world, the away team wander around lots of dunes and Scott encounters wind that could be sentient. People act like unprofessional idiots. Greer’s a nut. Scott sweats and gets one bag of lime that saves the ship, for now. Telford is knocked out so that “Colonel Young can return to a body in working condition.”

Rush suddenly works out a way to over-ride the 12 hour countdown. Eli (David Blue of 'Moonlight' and ‘Ugly Betty’) is helpful and not a trouble maker. Two idiots get stranded. Why is O’Neill such a callous jerk? Who cleaned out the disgusting air filters? How long will that one bag of lime last? What was the point of the musical montage? What was the shuttle launch about? This was boring but this show has potential. I like Young and TJ, plus Eli is growing on me.

Best Line: “Look! More sand.”
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