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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Stargirl' promo

Stupid outfit but this looks good.

'Crisis On Infinte Earths' parts 4&5 promo


'Spinning Out' trailer

Ice skating drama.

Best Line:

“I could whack her knee with a bat. Or is that too 90s?”

'Sticks And Stones' promo

New ITV drama looks iffy.

Satay Gai – nice.

Spicey Beef salad – nice.

Gaeng Pet Curry – nice.

Gluten free chocolate cake – yum.

Tom Yaam Goong soup – okay.

My ex contrived to break my heart again. My ex has no desire to effect a reconciliation. I'm disregarded. He reneged on commitments and acted in bad faith.

Watched 'The Movies That Made Us: Ghostbusters' – okay.

I watched 'The Toys That Made Us: My Little Pony' – okay.

Best Lines:


“Rump designs.”


“Sea ponies.”

“Crack pipe pony.”

“Refresh the line.”

“Seemingly normal grown men.”

“Even the Rubix Cube had a show.”

'Anastasia' Quotes:

“The whole of Russia tried to bring the Empress back to her senses...Nothing helped. She went to her grave praising Rasputin and denouncing everybody and everything.”

“Found myself deserted by all relations and friends.”

“Utterly and finally denounced.”

“Calm systematic, endless persecution of one of your own family...”

“Whose only fault is that being the rightful heir to the late Emperor she stands in the way of her greedy and unscrupulous relatives.”

“Prone to fits of despair and liable to accuse her friends of the blackest deeds.”

“Those who would wish me out of the way,”

“I intend to have them.”

“An accusation of rampant, cold-blooded avarice,”

“Acting the tragic princess.”

“Resist other people's plans for her future,”

“Should have known better than to mix herself up with Europeans.”

“Pave the way from Petersburg to Moscow with the skulls of her enemies.”

“Can I go now to Grandmamma? There are good doctors there, too, who could treat my arm...you must get a basket for Kiki so I can take him with me.”

“Limited trust.”

“Lived under constant threat of banishment.”

“Uninterested in the future.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Worst in history.”

“Absolutely terrible.”

“Punched by an angry Labour mob.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Ideological affiniy.”

“Profound worry.”

“Deliberately concerning.”

“Been kept out.”

“Consecrated hermit.”

“Unreasonable ill-will.”

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