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New Amsterdam 1x16+Ten Days In The Valley 1x03+VOY 3x22+Gold Digger 1x04+Supergirl 5x08 💔💔

King Of Swords

There is a blizzard causing serious concerns. Sendhil Ramamurthy guest stars. This does not cover contempory anxities. Someone is ensconsed in rehab. A woman bitches. The snowploughs can't operate. The hero wants to bring the hospital to people. This was turgid. I disliked everything about it. The cliffhanger is a powercut.

Best Lines:

“I'm not allowed to be a doctor.”

“No one is coming.”

“I assumed you were doing something important.”

Day 3: Day Out Of Days

One feels contempt for the mother's uselessness. Someone we know is the kidnapper. This has neat twist and nothing else.

Best Line:

“That doesn't sound creepy at all.”

Distant Origin

A reptile race called the Voth tries to uncover his race's true origin. The Voth are evolved humanoid reptilians who evolved from dinosaurs. People object to Doctrine being challenged. What future are they building? This was commendably ridiculous complete vapidity. There is bad acting and Chakotay is a scientist?!?! There is no sincerity or conviction. I am uncertain about this ep's purpose. This was tedious, dull and forbidden is always desirable. The reptile who has proven the Voth arose on Earth recants. This stumbles badly. Voicing dissent can go badly.

Best Lines:

“Endotherm's vessel.”

“Arose elsewhere in this galaxy.”

Gold Digger 1x04

Ben asked Julia to marry him. Ted and his slut flaunt themselves around town. Ted's angry and I feel complete contempt for this. Characters are personality free zone. Julia's brats whine. They are a neo fascist sect.

Ted is a disgrace of a man, he's all smug callousness. The brats tantrum. Julia plans fundamental life changes. Ted's disgusting and has bad stated intentions. This was boring. Julia's sneaky and Ted glares through a window. This was totally inadequate.

Best Lines:

“This is to do with you how?”

“No-one's got no family unless you're in a Dickens novel.”

The Wrath Of Rama Kahn

Leviathan bores. Kara wants forgiveness. Will Alex SHUT UP?!? Will Alex just fook off?!? Andrea whines. Alex shows how little she thinks of Lena. Go away bitch. Alex plans to murder Lena. J'onn refuses to help. Get lost J'onn. Alex tries to arrest Lena. Oh fook off Alex. This was crap. Lex isn't dead.

Best Line:

“Spare us both the drama.”

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