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Movie Reviews: Knives Out + Foxcatcher + Hail Satan? + Insidious: The Last Key + Within + 1 more

Knives Out (2019)

I wasn't even reasonably satisfied with this murder mystery. This big house ensemble stars Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Frank Oz, Jamie Leigh Curtis, Michael Shannon, Toni Colette and Don Johnson. It's absolute drivel full of dreary ravings. The patriach (Christopher Plummer) of a monumentally selfish rich family dies and events are fiercely disputed. This was truly awful and fails catstrophically. The big house whodunnit genre is done. This has no logic and is not cleverly crafted and it is self regarding and asinine.

Foxcatcher (2014)

There is selfish intent and tragic consequences and Channing Tatum trying to emote in this Oscar bait true story. There is no plot relevance.

Hail Satan? (2019)

This is a documentary about the US Satanic Temple. The church of satan justify. If they are so proud of themselves, why are their faces obscured? They use fake names and don't answer questions. They indulge in grave desecration, nudity and hang out in Salem. This causes a lack of enthusiasm. The attention they attract is largely ridicule and repulsion. They are extremely horrific smug people who do mad stuff for attention. They have stupid names and members give testimony. Who do they think they are praying to? There is a risk to life. We see satanic panic footage among which is Geraldo. People talk about Dungeons and Dragons. Don't these people have jobs? They are always protesting. We hear about Charlton Heston and 'The Ten Commandments' movie. Someone is excommunicated for being too extreme. Why does a satanist have a gun? There are selfish motives. This causes constant dread.

Best Lines:

“New American era.”

“Are you comparing these guys to Isis?”

“We do not seek followers.”

“After school satan club.”

“Matter of belief.”

“We spoke to one of the satanists today.”

“Yes that is the name the gentleman gave us.”

“Horrible people.”

“Fake media story.”

“Total servitude without free choice.”

“Punk scene was mobilised.”

“I think they're awful.”

“Kick over some graves.”

“Huge loser.”

“Social campaign against everything I loved.”

“Used pitchforks to pick up trash.”

“Corrupt systems of power.”

“Uncompromising destruction.”

“Just enough to have something to lose.”

“Obedience is patriotism.”

“Glaringly obvious.”

“Fired from the satanic temple for being too extreme.”

“A satire group.”

Insidious: The Last Key (2018)

The 4th in the saga is full of flashbacks to Elise's childhood in 1953. Elise's brother was named Christian and her mother had 40s hair. This film shows how her gift was disadvantageous to her life due to a crazy abusive father. The father had unconcern for her. Her childhood home is huanted. Or is it? The ending of '3' is not addressed. This takes place prior to '1'. This was inconsequential.

A tacky van is driven. This causes a negative impression. Lin Shaye overacts, Kirk Acevedo lurks and there are importunities. Elise is such a drama queen. Ghosts have malicious intentions. One has long ceased caring for this franchise. This causes incredible indifference. Her now grown brother (Bruce Davison) does not want to know her.

This film is an irreparbale error and it is inherently ridiculous. The haunting is not a ghost. Humans have nefarious purpose. This was farcical sheer awfulness.

Best Lines:

“Hades express.”

“I'm not understanding.”

Within (2016)

Michael Vartan and Blake Jenner star in this horror. A family move into a new house. The daughter has a cat. This was made in 2014. The father has verbal negativity toward his daughter. The daughter threw a wild teen pary. Nobody is emotionally wise. The house isn't haunted. A previous resident lurks in the walls. The daughter doesn't watch her cat and Monty vanishes from the film, his fate unknown.

The local locksmith is creepy. They live in the local creepy house in which people were murdered and their stuff is still there. There are negative influences and the creeper lurks. There are appalling consequences to the idiot dad's stupidity. The area is replete with dubious characters. This was not genuinely fascinating and there is not an original idea in it. There is no unwavering support and a downer ending.

Best Lines:

“Family seemed normal.”

“Capable of something so terrible.”

“You're a locksmith?”

“In this economy? This and then some.”

“Never really know who your neigbours are.”

“Over in Europe they live in houses that are hundreds of years old.”

“The wonders of tract housing.”

Our Idiot Brother (2011)

Paul Rudd stars as the family idiot in this unfunny comedy.

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