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VOY 3x21 +V Wars (2019) 1x01-1x04 +White Collar 5x12&5x13 +Ten Days In The Valley (2017) 1x01&1x02

Before And After

Kes lives her life backward and sees a life that could have been hers. Sadly Jennifer Lien let drugs eat her life and was fired and so all the possibilities in this ep never came to be. The Doctor has a name, Chakotay is captain and Kes has a daughter (Jessica Collins) and a grandson. Kes married PARIS?!? Kes and Paris' daughter married HARRY KIM?!?! Neelix is seen in uniform and is security officer! The Year Of Hell was foreshadowed. Janeway and Torres died in the Year Of Hell in this timeline. Kes gives birth out of her back???? I'm not touching that one. This was good.

Down With The Sickness

2 friends end up on opposite sides of a conflict. This is a 10 ep series. So far. This is based on comics that I've never read. A momentous incident takes place in the arctic admid bad green screen. There is a dramatic title card and talk of climate change and trapped viruses.

Why does Boone from 'Lost' now look like a rougharsed John Barrowman? LaCroix from 'Forever Knight' is in this! He looks like a mummy. There is a sign saying: Ice Age Super Virus. The hero and his bimbo wife have conspiratorial thinking. Wifey has bad skin. The doctor hero is named Luther, his BFF is Michael. There is product placement.

I'm remnidned of that 'X Files' ep 'Ice' and 'Helix'. There is vague, unspecific danger and iniquitous goings on. The 2 BFF are exposed to something and end up in quarantine. There is no urgency. Luther Swan has a kid. Luther goes on about virus shedding. Mother Nature's memory is long and she will not them forget indefinitely. There are mysterious deaths, which are the new social outlet.

There are dubious people and other people adversely affected. There is a dumb imagine spot and people's lives will be disputed. A blogger stirs up trouble. A disease has fear reaching implications. Michael is a persistent threat because he is a vampire now. The terrible disease lurks. There is babbling and horrific actions. Luther thinks of what used to be.

There is no ethical consideration or charisma. The acting can be challenging. There are dour personas and a disaster beyond anything Luther could have imagined is underway. This is not spectacularly creepy but it does meet baseline expectations.

There are exposition duties. Michael breaks his sink. Why isn't Luther affected? Michael faces a change process and is plunged into crisis. The wife is un-understanding. Luther goes to the cops. The cops are utterly unhelpful. Insignificant people have their own decided views. Luther is stressed and inadequate. The disease can't be fathomed. Luther is filled with anxiety. Michael gets angry.

There is an ancient human skull and talk of prions. There is no heart stopping excitment. The blogger is stupid. Michael sprouts massive plastic fangs. Some mischief is afoot. There is no excitment and wonder. Luther's stupid son walks alone. There is no wonder or awe. Luther's wife goes vampire and he kills her with a fireplace poker and shrugs it off. Luther feels failure and inadequacy. There is a wacky misunderstanding. Ian Somerhalder as Luther makes some interesting acting choices. I may check out the Jonathan Maberry comic. Nigel Bennett guest starred.

Best Lines:

“Ancient forms of these pathogens start a pandemic that make the Bubonic Plague look like a Chicken Pox party.”

“Listening to you talk about mass extinction really gets me going.”

“Some kind of biomass.”

“Ice Age era cold.”

“Why would you leave your door open like that?”

“So you could come in.”

“Keep hacking.”

“I need your help right now.”

“Thanks for this.”

“Depends what this is.”

“Things I have to make right.”

“Did something wrong.”

“How bad did he hurt this person?”

“You shot him?”

“Didn't bother him much.”

“In the name of god please help me.”

“I'm not afraid of you.”

“That's a mistake.”


“Lot of others.”

Blood Brothers

Luther feels excluded, unable to know or feel joy. Idiot teens get chewed on. There is a lonely place and an emotive time. There is a visceral loss. There are a series of bad decisions. Luther gets over his dead wife and nobody has any concept of hazmat. There are pleas for engagement and cops are stupid.

There are irritable cops and pleas for engagement and connection are ignored. There is an idiot social worker. The feds show up. His wife was his second wife and his first wife was the kid's mother. The blogger annoys. An annoying woman tries to be tough. There are random drug dealers. This ep was spectacularly shoddy. The vampires aren't fearsomely scary. The vampire makeup is bad. The blogger abuses her intern.

People are unsentimental. Vampires are not beneficial to the common good. Luther wants to help the infected. Luther and his son reunite. His son saw daddy killing stepmommy with a poker. The son is stupid. There is talking and Luther's employers are not to be trusted. This was ludicrious.

Best Lines:

“For f**ks sake! It's raccoons!”

“Not after what he saw.”

“Safe from you.”

“Uniforms broke the lock last night.”

“Ingest and digest blood.”

“I can't even understand the titles.”

“Why aren't you killing people?”

“Do you think that's a threat?”

“Glad to see you.”

“Are you?”

“Insanely murderous people.”

“Define terms later.”

“Patient Zero.”

Because I Could Not Stop For Death

The vampirs are a parallel species and an ancient prion has made people with certain junk DNA turn into vampires. Luther's ex-wife bitches. Vampires negatively impact. Season 1 is of varying quality. Things get contentious and people pursue agendas. The blogger stirs the pot. The ex is awful. The son gets even stupider. The ex throws a strop. Nobody puts a high value on responsibility. Peter Outerbridge and Kandyse McClure of 'Battlestar Galactica' and Laura Vandervoort of 'V' and 'Smallville' and Nikki Reed costar.

Best Lines:

“Never extinct just dormant.”

“May yet be.”

“Legends have to start somewhere.”

“Made up sh*t.”

Bad As Me

Why is Luther's son such a moron? There is fool talk and an undercover agent. The useless blogger is useless. There are loads of characters. Things go badly. Things are absolutely desperate and the crisis deepens. Sometimes the person you would take a bullet for is standing behind the trigger. Vampires attack. They call themselves bloods and follow Michael. There is tough talk and intimidatory vampires and a bomb. Bloods are fiercely loyal to Michael.There is death and bloods do vast damage and no there is no sense of tragedy and things get spectacularly violent.

Best Lines:

“It gives them hope. We can't have that.”

Taking Stock

Peter hasn't apologised for his vile words. Neal demands his freedom and some respect. Hasn't he served his time yet? Peter's ingratitude grows. In what universe is Peter's snideness a helpful comment? Neal has a lack of purpose and wistfulness. Peter's nonchalance ruins the memories of all that came before.

There is pent up tension and Peter radiates malevolence. Diana's back on duty. Peter's radical candour sees him actively working against Neal. Peter's effectively abandoned Neal. This was absurdity. A diamond is sought, Neal has simmering rage.

Rebecca is a lame baddie. Peter mocks Neal's dreams. Pete is such a twit. Die Mozzie die. Neal needs to get away from Peter's vile abuse. This was exceptionally terrible. Peter is careful and intended and is not just in word or deed.

Diamond Exhange

Rebecca escapes after being locked up for good reason. Peter's yelling. Rebecca is a psychotic liar. Peter can't assume a non-judgemental tone. Neal was expecting gratitude. Neal needs to reduce co-operation with Peter. This was fanciful and deficient and grossly inadequate. A Hope diamond alike is wanted.

Mozzie's a moron. Peter still doesn't apologise. There is a treasure hunt. How does Rebecca plan to sell it? Peter makes Neal genuinely justifably enraged. Neal exists soley to provides personal epiphanies for Peter. Rebecca does extremely evil boring misconduct. Peter has moral culpability. There is no sense that Neal's needs will be given priority. This season was considerably inferior to what has gone before.

What is Peter thinking and valuing? The FBI screw Neal over. Neal's escape in season 3 and his high sucess rate has made them want to keep him. The FBI rig the game. I have no urge to watch season 6. Neal's abducted. Status quo is god on this show. The Liz-bot goes to work at the National Gallery.

Best Lines:

“No death centres.”

“I'm about to become the last person on earth who knows where you are.”

“I want my freedom any way I can get it.”

Day 1: Fade In/Day 2: Cutting Room Floor

A screenwriter's daughter goes missing. She acts crazy, deletes contacts off her phone and accuses her ex. She's oddly un-upset. This bored. She stole ideas for a script and goes to work when her kid is missing. She attacks her ex. There are lies, plotting and a reveal.

She does drugs and berates her drug dealer who is in school! She rips down her daughter's missing posters. She is racist to her housekeeper. This is emoting by numbers clownery. The police read her cop show scripts. This offers nothing of note and has no inventive talent.

Best Line:

“I can't get no real job!”

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