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Nightwing Annual 2 Reviewed

The Very Friendly Owl

Dick Grayson was shot in the head which gave him amnesia and he forgot his whole life with Bruce. This insanely stupid and unpopular Ric storyline has seen him turn into a brainwashed and crazy Talon assassin. This special tells of what happend after he was shot and how Bruce's massively stupid life choices made things even worse.

Bruce became Batman after seeing his parents shot in front of him, now he's seen his adopted son shot in front of him. Bruce has treated Dick terribly over the years. Dick wants to call himself Richard now. He has a dodgy doctor who isn't helping him. Shouldn't Dick be mentally 9? We see his awful Robin costume.

How at this point does nobody know that Dick and Nightwing are one and the same? Bruce is sad and then angry. Dick recalls his parents. Damien's an idiot. Where is Tim Drake? Bruce is worried and his effectiveness is compromised. Dick is isolated and manipulated by his doctor on behalf of a crazy cult. Oddly Bruce does not notice.

Dick recalls meeting distant relatives at a Thanksgiving, they were part of the cult too. Bruce and co are upset that Dick has amnesia due to TBI. Bruce punches things. How is Barbara no longer paralyzed? There is a 'Batman '66' homage. Bruce attempts to force Dick to remember which backfires horribly.

How did Bruce and Damien change out of their rubber fetish outfits so quickly. Bruce kept Dick's bloodstained Nightwing costume? Bruce showed Dick the footage of him being shot in the head. Dick has a meltdown and screams about his shot dead parents. Dick yells. The Court Of Owls want Richard. Where are all Dick's friends and superhero buddies from the JLA and Titans? Why is nobody looking after him or helping him or noticing that he's being brainwashed? Why have they abandoned him? This was excellent. Dick's major change in circumstances was a deliberate process.

Best Lines:

“Seems weird to be meeting on the roof.”

“You lost bone, blood, brain tissue, and cerebospinal fluid.”

“One of those old cities. Kind of grim.”

“Authentic and imagined memories.”

“The KGBeast has been taken care of.”

“Did you cut off his head, father?”

“Of course not, Damian.”

“You should.”

“Permanent consequences.”

“Nonsesical babble.”

“When you cna't remember people, their sympathy comes across as phony.”

“Some manner of consequence is unavoidable.”

“The more they say that stuff......the more it pushes me away.”

“What I don't get is the sense of a loving family.”

“I remain unconvinced that this is a good idea, father.”

“I got shot......because I was Nightwing.”

“For which I am so very, very sorry.”

“Get me away from here!”

“Wayne will never let go of you if you stay in Gotham.”

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