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Movie Reviews: Marriage Story + Vanishing On 7th Street

Marriage Story (2019)

Adam Driver is divorced by Scarlett Johansson. This was inspired by the director leaving his wife for Greta Gerwig. Nicole gave up movies in LA to do avant garde theatre with Charlie in New York. Nicole causes agitations and a negative opinion of herself. She causes despair and dismay and negative human impacts.

There is emotional honesty. Nicole wreaked destruction on the family. This was faltering. Nicole is erratic and self destructive and she has a framed Maxim cover. There is peeing and talking. Nicole is tempermentally incapable of apologising. She's doing a pilot in LA. She's manipulative and disloyal liar who connives behind Charlie's back.

There is no morale boosting. Nicole's pilot is weird. Laura Dern plays a mean lawyer. Nicole causes consternation and a fractious relationship. A cat is seen. Nicole's a byword for moral descent. This was uninspiring and there are forced moments of contemplation. This was grim and frustrating vieweing. This never coalesces into a satisfactory narrative. There are miseries and disappointments.

Nicole causes seismic developments and upheaval. This was slightly absurd. Nicole grates like Brecthian ballads. Nicole's deadly serious. Ray Liotta and Alan Alda play Charlie's lawyers.

Best Lines:

“I didn't even pick our apartment, I just moved into his.”

“I hate fairy camp.”

“Went along with him and his life.”

“Pushing with the emotion.”

“Where's she been for the past 10 years?”

“Doing weird theatre in New York.”

“Ravish you with attention in the beginning.”

Vanishing On 7th Street (2010)

Hayden Christensen and Thandie Newton star. People vanish in this crap.

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