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Good Witch 1x01+White Collar 5x04-5x11+Supergirl 5x07+Fear The Walking Dead 2x04&2x05 Reviewed

Starting Over...Again

A widow and her daughter move on. Catherine Bell plays the widow – her face is deformed and duck faced from fillers. A doctor (played by Mike Denton) move in next door. He's an ass with an ass of a son. People are asses. The doctor is a jerk with a jerk son.

Controlled Interest

This season is overcooked and Neal's on house arrest. WHY? Mozzie has an entirely false version of everything. Neal plays with the Codex. Elizabeth Marvel guest stars. Peter is increasingly strained. A man is in peril. People are unhelpful. Neal makes a fake ID. A character is named Epstein. A shrink is evil.

There is a new era of possibilities and depravity. Neal's terrible arrangement is no fundamentally different to what it was at the beginning. Peter's not brave, gregarious or joyful just depressing and oppressive with continual disagreements and unresolved issues. I find their behaviour and methods utterly frustrating. There is a futility of reasoning. Neal gets psychoanalyzed.

This show is inane and frustrating and a joke. There is a negative pattern. There is defensiveness. Neal's roofied. Peter has contempt, disappointment and dismissal. This was plodding and feckless and riddled with failures and miscalculations. Peter thinks he's a moral voice with a solemn attiude. Neal's relentlessly upbeat. The shrink has malicious intent.

There is no hope for change for Neal. There is no compassion, determination or hope. Neal has unhappiness and frustration. Peter's sombre and sour disposition bores. Neal has a visionquest. There are absurdities and incongruities. This season is perennial sameness. Neal fakes imperturbability and utterances and actions.

I used the fast forward button. Psychological impact is shrugged off. There is deep mistrust. Neal steals and plans consequences.

Best Lines:

“Your behaviour is sociopathic.”

“Aggressive takedowns.”

“I don't like accusations.”

“Then you shouldn't be a criminal.”

“I especially don't like that accusation.”

“You smile. A lot.”

“I like working against them.”

“Just because a person starts doing good things doesn't mean he wants to stop doing bad things.”

Master Plan

The Liz-bot bores. A long lost heir returns. Neal can't handle it anymore. Mozzie's stupid and a lifelong con. A maid wears a tiny skirt. This ep seems a knockoff of 'Brat Farrar' as the characters have similar names. The Liz-bot is all discomfort and boredom. The Liz-bot says the returned heir Patrick isn't Patrick. Peter's smarmy.

This was banal. Neal has a lack of commitment. There is no pleasant atmosphere. Neal butles. Have people forgotten that Neal's handler was murdered back in 5x02? Peter is wilfully foolish and has breathtaking disrespect and believes he has the right to do what he wants with impunity.

Is Patrick doing ambition fuelled advancement? Peter expects Neal's lifelong gratitude. Neal suspects Patrick has no positive affirming reasons. Natural and objective rights are ignored. The Liz-bot is stupid. The case is mishandled. Patrick was long gone from the public eye but then showed up.

The Liz-bot stirred up crap and faces ignominy. You don't ever see talent on this show. The Liz-bot is rueful. This was not a transformational experience. You can fool a DNA test with an arm tube? The real Patrick shows up. There are inconsistencies and Neal came from a chaotic damaged background. There are dangerous decisions and people behave badly; no doubt purposefully. The Liz-bot is do nothing. Richard Thomas played Patrick's dad.

Best Lines:

“How does a 14 year old evade an international manhunt?”

“Fired his butler of 30 years.”

“Consorting with landed gentry.”

“Manifesto against cubism.”

“Burn his own work for warmth.”

“Ran away from boarding school.”

“Very angry Croatian.”

Ice Breaker

Peter acts against interests. Neal's disengaged. Peter hectors and there is blatant unacceptable disconnect. Peter likes Doris Day. Mozzie looks into the Codex. The bimbo aka Rebecca is back. Neal lies. This show causes staggering levels of frustration. Peter is onerous and an utterly inadequate human being.

There is endangerment of life. Neal socialises with his peer group. There is no utmost urgency. Peter's railroaded Neal into a process of his choosing. The baddies are non menacing, non terrifying and non sinister. This ep was moronically stupid. Neal's not enjoyed a positive realtionship with his father and has experienced difficulties as a result of his father. Are people looking for James?

Neal plays the bimbo, Peter makes constipated faces and spies on Neal. The Liz-bot whines. The fast forward button is used. There is a reveal.

Best Lines:

“Using monks?”

“Can't play dress up.”

“We're the FBI, we have your number.”

“A vodka bar.”

“Drink until the bottle is empty.”

Quantico Closure

Dated phones are used. Peter's ex shows up. Neal pays rent?!? There is a puzzle. Peter's ex (Kim Dickens of 'Fear The Walking Dead') struts. The Liz-bot sulks. The fast forward button is used due to the idiot Liz-bot scenes. This was wearisome and futile. This was a blunder of the first magnitude. Neal stares at a window. This was terrible, terrible and nothing works. This season has had a worrying deterioration. Peter finds a clue. Logic has absented. The plot arc still has no immediate treaction. People have pathological egotism.

Best Line:

“I'm not that kind of wife.”

Digging Deeper

Neal is stalked by Peter. It's creepy. A dinosaur is stolen. Zeljko Ivanek and Mark Sheppard guest star. There are Masons and Peter has absolute certainty. Neal is stalked by Peter. The fast forward button is used. This isn't intellectually original just stupid. Neal is without any prospect of being able to get away from Peter. There was no effective decision making. Hagen lurks. This ep fails miserably and was unfeasible.

Best Lines:

“Used to create fake fossils and bury them at dig sites.”

“My legal right.”

“An actual skeleton in his closet?”

“Did you set off an alarm?”

“Peter that's hurtful.”

No Good Deed

Neal can't go to Rebecca aka the bimbo's place because it is out of his radius. This was arguably flawed. Peter caused a regrettable chill between himself and Neal. There were deeply opposing views. Mozzie is human scum. This season has been disastrously mishandled. Neal is told to steal the window. Mozzie damages said window. A Welsh gold coin is waved. Peter takes unguarded joy in snarking at Neal. This was dull.

Peter has poisonous beliefs. Where's Diana? Peter's morally bereft and morally corrupt. This show has unerringly irrevocably gone off the rails. The fast forward button is used. Neal spews. Peter sulks. Peter wanting to ARREST Neal for saving him from jail was the shark jump moment for this show. Peter can't be redeemed for this moment. What an ass he is.

This ep was disastrous. Neal lies. Peter's misguided and alienates viewer sympathy. Peter insults Neal to his face, like a thankless twat. So much for story points.

Best Lines:

“Not someone you wanna know.”

“You knock now.”

“Chase after me with his pruning sheers.”

Live Feed

Peter's so smug and sure of himself and gave a devastating assessment of Neal to him. Jones is rude about Neal too when Peter makes it clear that Neal is out of favour. Why does Neal put up with these jerks? There are dire consequences to Peter's petulance. Peter got Kate KILLED. Hagen has Rebecca. Peter plans to go to DC. Neal has a violent response. Hagen slips up.

The fast forward button is used a lot. Neal's had it with Peter's ingratitude, his purposeful ingratitude. Neal hears Peter wash his hands of him. Who shot Hagen? Peter flings accusations and antagonises Neal on purpose. Someone's been watching them. There is a 'twist'. Peter has caused irreversible change and damage.

Best Lines:

“Blames you for his freedom.”

“Rainman it.”

Shot Through The Heart

There is no social protest. Neal's been betrayed again. Neal has uncertainty. A lost treasure hidden 100 years go is in NY is sought. Peter vicitm blames. This isn't very good. Rebecca crafted a persona to trap Neal. The fast forward button is used. This was not compelling. This season has been slow and incremental decline. This ep was low achieving and Peter causes discordance. Rebecca does the hair curl of evil. There are unintended consequences.

Best Lines:

“A life of lies.”

“The person she pretended to be.”


Lena knows all the weapons used against Superman are stored in the Fortress Of Solitude. Lena plots and Kara's as wet as a wet thing. J'onn is boring. Leviathan wiped out the dinosaurs. Leviathan overacts and bores. Lena is nearly killed by the Fortress because Superman designed it to kill Luthors. FFS. Brainy rants. Lena screams and sobs. Kara justifies. This bored. Lena stills Myriad and finally confronts Kara.

Blood In The Streets

This was insincere and a sham. People are morons. The pirates stike. Madison and co are fools. The pirates control through violence. There is no infinite gratitude for being saved by Madison. There are social deprivations. Nick wanders. This was crap. There is lack of motivation to care. The horrific aftermath of the apoc is not shown. There is animosity and predation. . This was boring.

Best Line:

“Strip mall preacher.”


Pirates rant. Madison is a bitch. I am so done.

Best Lines:


“Oh you will be.”

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