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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Movies That Made Us' trailer


Best Lines:

“Run out of studios.”

“Waste money on this,”

“Burn the negative, collect the insurance.”

'Crisis On Infinte Earths' trailer

Tom Welling is old. A battered Batman, talk of planetary evacuation but where is Burt Ward?!?

'No Time To Die' teaser


'Black Widow' trailer

A hairy guy, a guy with a bow, a sister, action and maybe.

'The Magicians' season 5 trailer

“I need to sharpen my axe.”

There is walnut wine?

What is almond butter?

What is chimny cake?

RIP DC Fontana.

'Neighbours' Quotes:

“Compromise of a man.”

“Failing to render assistance.”

'Vienna: Empire, Dynasty And Dream' Quotes:

“Help me. And they did.”

“Ruled supreme.”

“Chasing actresses.”

“Chosen for merit, not high birth.”

“Wanted rid.”

“Founded a chastity commission.”

“Italian sopranos were thrown out of town.”

“Amoral arch-predator of genius.”

“Ancestral enemy.”

“Fought across the world.”

“End in misery for you.”

“Proved only too right.”

“Sex in the potting shed.”

“Over-controlling nature.”

“Ferocious impatience and radical zeal.”

“Coffin riots.”

“Disaster awaited.”

“Despised the traditional order.”

“Suprising degree of admiration.”

“Fallen to his nemesis.”

“Fell upon them.”

“Planned his vengeance.”

“Never become too important.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Create a crisis.”

“Expressing an opinion does not come at zero cost.”

“Walk down empty streets, past boarded-up buildings with grass growing in the gutters of what were once busy cinemas or dancehalls or cattle marts in the 1970s.”

“No dreams beyond the empty alleyways.”

“A huge open cobbled space with magnificant visual potential was transformed by the planners into a horrendous East German mess festooned with absurd lamp units and low level-buildings.”

“Setting an aim for estrangement.”

“We cannot make a relationship work by sheer willpower alone.”

“Controlled everything.”

“Insistence on following her own routines and having everything done on her terms provoked frequent rows.”

“Coerced into silence for the remainder of his life.”

“Threaten the victims of such gross violation of human rights that if they tell anybody about it, the punishment will be even greater.”

“The mindset behind this decision is outdated.”

“Deny the offer of support.”

“React badly to direct praise.”

“Learned not to look for help or support from adults.”

'Fair City' Quote:

“Take that tone out of your voice.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“That's why Brexit happened.”

“His own word choice.”

'Hollyoaks' Quote:

“Witch pee in hospital.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Those glory days have since faded.”

“Forgive her constantly.”

“Thrown steel pots at my head.”

“Drinking wine while she was driving.”

'Usher's Passing' Quotes:

“The House of Usher still stands, Mr Poe, and it shall stand long after you and I are dust in the earth.”

“A list of taverns in which you might be found.”

“A depraved breed best left alone.”


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