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Tales From The Dark Multiverse: Infinite Crisis Reviewed

A horrific reckoning is to come and someone develops what they think is ruthless integrity. The multiverse is in peril. Maxwell Lord is bad. There is talk of Checkmate. The self-absolving Blue Bettle kills Lord. The JLA watchtower is on the moon? Some green glowy woman lurks. Batman is useless and fuels resentment.

Blue Beetle has no mood for compromise. The JLA do nothing as trouble comes. Black Adam, Lex Luthor, Deathstroke and the Witch Boy are seen. This was richly accomplished if not deeply touching. There is talk of a zeta beam and omac technology. Lord had evil plans. There is an ideological battle. There is talk of JLA international. There is death and a crazy Superboy.

Blue Beetle decides that heroes have to go, all of them. Tim Drake dies as does Supergirl, Nightwing, Shazam and well everyone else. There is revenge, anti values and this was good.

Best Lines:

“At terrible cost.”

“The new Earth that had replaced their own became darker and stranger...and they began to fear that the wrong Earth had been saved.”

“Darker motives.”

“To put Earth's destiny in the hands of humans, not people pretending to be human.”

“One day you're going to have to live with the fact that when he came to you for help, you did nothing.”

“What could be done to the world?”

“Too much power in the hands of someone not up to the challenge of wielding it.”

“It's more like when Robin put on the Nightwing costume for the first time.”

“Barely reformed villains.”

“You would end billions of lives...”

“Quite a bit more than that,”

“A kind man, who means well...”

“I'm not supposed to hurt any of you unless you resist. I'm begging you. Please resist.”

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