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At What Price

Peter's locked up. James is AWOL and will probably never be seen or mentioned again during the rest of the show's run. The Liz-bot whines. Peter is callous and so is Liz-bot. Mozzie hacked the anklet, for just this ep. Mark Sheppard of 'Supernatural' and 'Battlestar Galactica' guest stars, is he the big bad of the season?

Hagen – a convict – offers Neal a favour for a price. James let Neal down catastrophically. Nobody cares. Neal decides to frame the guilty party. Peter blusters. Neal provides obvious fake 'evidence'. The cliffhanger is waved off 12 minutes in.

Peter completely dismisses Neal's help and has a lack of feeling. Peter's offered a new job. Diana's knocked up. Peter's sanctimonous. Neal steals. Mozzie bluffs. This was not inherently good. There is bad acting. There is no respect or empathy. Peter's all blame, control and derision. There are expressions of suffering.

Neal has to investigate his own crime. Fatso Hagen is the new big bad. Neal sets a fire. There is unacceptable behaviour. Neal's blackmailed by a manifestly unfair intemperate tool. Neal faces a new handler. There are devastating consequences to Neal's stupidity. Peter has absolute conviction and is unswervingly certain in himself.

Peter stalks Neal. Hagen is a malign influence. There is no potent source of conflict. Peter has constant aggression and Neal is the subject of threats. There is no forthrightness. There are all kinds of implications. Peter has the utmost integrity (so he thinks) and insults Neal to his face. There is charming mistrust. Neal's misrepresented, villainised and dispareged. Neal gets a new anklet. Accusations and suspicions fly. Peter tries for mournful. Peter's always playing catch up. There are myriad resentments and nobody is well intentioned. This was entirely inadequate.

Best Lines:

“The irony of this is not lost on me.”

“Trusting I would do the right thing.”

“I would have arrested me.”

“Need a good reason.”

“Create another man's word.”

“Provide that reason.”

“Offering redemption that he doesn't deserve.”

“Uncomfortably tragic.”

“It's not Neal's.”

“I'm not one of them.”

“Irreversible decisions.”

“3 times the value of normal gold.”

“I've a debt of my own and this is the required form of payment.”

“Welcome back. I think.”

“Are you up to something?”

“Conspiracy truths.”

“Coin heist.”

“Slide down the pole.”

“Stepped in a trap.”

Out Of The Frying Pan

Peter is a thankless jackass. People are rude to Neal. This was absolutely useless. Neal gets his new handler (Warren Kole of 'Stalker' and 'Shades Of Blue'). There is a deliberate strategy to engender hostility. This has chronic deficiencies. This was disastrous and ridiculous. Neal is all damn the consequences. Mozzie is behind the case du jour. Peter is terse. I used the fast forward button. Peter annoys with obsessive zeal. This was not a tense affair. This communicates nothing particular. Diana lies. Neal smokes? There is no profound decency. TPTB are wilfully oblivious to logic.

Best Lines:

“Seizure values.”

“Gather up your teeth and get out.”

“Preys on trust, desire.”

One Last Stakeout

Neal's handler lurks and he is secretly rich. Hagen's out of jail. Neal's bitter he's not free. Peter is an ass. Neal's told to steal a codex that can't be opened and taunts with its secrets. This was piffle. People have a dismissive attiude to Neal. This was not frustratingly intriguing. Mozzie wears a toupee. There is challenging behaviour and a bimbo. People go against sense. Neal's fallen into despair. He and Peter have a bitter row. This was dreary. Neal shows his face unapologetically. The fast forward button was used again. There is a theft and Neal's dumb. There is tragedy and this was woeful. There is inaction. Neal's not penitential. People are devious and scheming and nobody considers the long term.

Best Lines:

“The finger point again.”

“Suit: the sequel.”

“Cross his name off my enemies list.”


This is not one of the most loved things on tv. Madison bitches. More idiots show up. This was incompetent on many different levels. There was a plane crash. A plane crash survivor is killed by a selfish son. This was bad. Madison bitches more and doesn't deal with her anger very well.

Best Line:

“You're gonna get slapped.”

The War Of The Worlds 1x03

This was not joyful. The aliens did a massive amount of damage. There is a dank chuch service. There is a hostile response and animosity. This show was not hugely appealing. George claims it is societal punishment in a tastefree speech that the BBC really should have cut out after recent events. This was not melodramatic.

Amy causes irritation. To make a lousy show takes energy. This was populated exclusively by bad actors. TPTB probably sincerely believed they were making a good show. There is a cataclysm of occurances. Amy is pernicious.

This was rotten and wretched. Amy's unswayably stupid. There are grave implications. Goerge is a useless joke. This was woefully inadequate. Amy lets someone die. The aliens emege and look stupid. The course of humanity's existence is changed. There is so sincerity. They've changed the world profoundly. George is a fool and makes a rubbish speech. This was irredeemably flawed.

George is sickeningly unrepentant. He does not care about his wife and children. The aliens eat people. There is no terrifying ferocity. There is death. The Martians die. George dies. People are idiots and nobody engages constructively. This was sheer vapidity. The ending is WTF.

Best Lines:

“The cursed weed.”

“Supposed to be a refuge.”

“Fever in the village.”

“Not have received friendship.”

“Emotive way of putting it.”


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