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Unnatural Selection 1x03&1x04+Fear The Walking Dead 2x01&2x02+Arrow 8x05+ 3 others Reviewed

Changing An Entire Species

Kids read 'My Dark Materials'. Idiots play with their genomes. Reason does not prevail. There are fundamental mistakes. CRISPR is discussed and one guy wants to unleash it into the wild and change the ecosystem. People have no humility. This debate is ideologically dominated by morons. Untold misery could unfold from their actions. There is talk of malaria. This was erratic. There is talk of gene drive. Playing god is the activity of choice.

This will one day be regarded as an act of infamy. There is no plausible justification for their actions. Contentious topics are discussed. There is no social perspective. No logical options are followed. New Zealand takes on rats. Baseless and disgraceful crimes against nature are plotted. A guy is snotty and has sheer uselessness. He has denial, dismissal and deceit. People are plagued with anxiety. There is a biohacking convention and a biohacker with unwashed hair.

There is utter ignorance and people worry about bioweapons. This was a systemic failure and full of inertia. Nobody is morally responsible and there is no discussion of the consequences.

Best Lines:

“That does not seem very useful.”

“Doing good in the world.”

“Extinction technology.

“New and risky genetic engineering.”

“For all generations to come.”

“For good or ill.”

“All the rats go away.”

“What takes its place?”

“Bugger the consequences.”

“World is broken. We have broken it.”


“Best possible use.”

“That's frankly terrifying.”

“Controlling pollination.”

“Disease of poverty and social instability.”

“War weapons.”

“Humans undermining their own existence.”

“Civilization is not sustainable.”

“Unintended consequences have profound and dangerous impacts.”

Our Next Generation

People are completely and utterly bizarre and simply do not give a damn. People shrug off a restrictive approach. Thorny issues are casually brushed off. There are no dissuasive sanctions on biohackers.

The limited series end. There is no emotional development. Awful social damage is done and there is a blatant disregard for all that isn't immediately profitable. The dog abuser is disgusting. Sense is largely disregarded. This was ill-considered. Legitimate concern is shrugged off. There are machinations. I'm sure there will be significant repercussions from these idiots. Scammers have egregious and malicious natures.

Morally dubious behaviour is carried out and there are no ethically sound choices. A sap is excluded. He's heart-breakingly earnest and aspirational. A money grubbing scammer scams and later dies. People are spirit sappingly unironic. A frightful conartist is appalling, smug and irresponsible. Let nature dictate! This was not achingly melancholic. Who needs taste and coherence? This was not hugely impressive. People are ghastly and seem to have cognitive disorders and there is malign neglect and people are devoid of standards.

Best Lines:

“Dystopian stories.”

“Test tube babies have no soul.”

“Three parent baby.”

“Dream what we might become.”

“No idea about any of this medical stuff.”

“Don't you start getting involved.”


“Sketchy territory.”

“Created no cures.”

“Everyone disagrees with you.”

“Place for the nobodies to go to.”


The stupid morons get on a boat. The city burns. There is no malicious charm. A boat full of people is ignored. Madison bitches and whines and thinks she is much smarter than she actually is. Her stupid daughter alerts pirates to their position. A brat son tantrums. Throw the ungrateful fools off! This was bad.

Best Lines:

“There's nothing to go back to.”

“There is nothing. Forgive us.”

“Big house with the tall gates.”

“Mob rule on the land.”

We All Fall Down

Madison and her gang of morons are moronic. Exposition is spewed. Lord these people are useless fools. The junkie sneaks and gets a family killed. Madison causes problems. This was worse.

Best Lines:

“What's left?”

“Not a hell of a lot.”

“That's very polite of us.”

“What are you doing?”

“Being of use.”


Why didn't Oliver teach William archery? He plays bows and arrows with Mia. FFS. Oliver shows off. Oliver fails to emote. Oliver goes to Russia. Roy shows up. Diggle wears his really stupid helmet. Oliver is a terrible father, full of unfulfilled vengeance. Lyla's bad and this was boring.

Best Lines:

“They are terrible people.”

“Tied up in a creepy basement.”

“Cosmic fashion tragedy.”

Krypton 2x10

The Alpha And The Omega

The cliffhanger ending involing Jor-El and Earth was rubbish. People have no capacity for happiness and no awareness of this. This ep is a paen to mediocrity. The world Zod's built has forgotten him. There is no punishment for bad choices. Seg's act of defiance bores. This was not grimly awesome. Brainiac is boring. There is a vision of Birdmen. Were TPTB hinting at Omega Men or Darkseid or both? Adam Strange puts on a silly suit. Lobo lurks. No wonder this was axed. There is no unshakeable resolve. This was not fraught with danger.

Best Line:

“Proved with finality what you truly are.”

Star Trek Voyager 3x17


A shuttle crash (how do they have any left at this point?) causes Chakotay to encounter former Borg drones. A damaged Borg cube is found. The ex-drones wallow in regret at not being Borg anymore. What damaged the Borg? Hint it was Species 8472 but we haven't met them yet. Where did Riley get her wig? Americans can't say the word buoy properly. The guy playing the Romulan is bad. Janeway is unwatchable. There is mind control. I once loved this ep, but no more.

New Amsterdam 1x15


The Pope may visit the hospital. A boy had a heart transplant but his parents didn't make him take his anti rejection drugs and they are told to divorce to get health care. This was hilariously awful.

Best Line:

“The sound of mucus.”

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